Scholarly Activity from Fellows, Faculty, and Staff

American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting 2020

Featured Talks

New Frontiers in Geriatrics Interprofessional Education (IPE): Extending the Reach Beyond Academia - Mobility and Geriatrics

Dr. Philip Choe, DO

Saturday, May 9th, 2020. 11:45am - 12:45pm

Oral Presentations

Improving Geriatric Trauma Care via A Multi-disciplinary Age-Friendly Care Pathway

Ankur Bharija, MD, Nannette Storr-Street, CNS, Matthew Mesias, MD, Marina Martin, MD

Poster Presentations

Make a Difference in Pneumonia Readmissions: Transitionalist Pathway, a Multidisciplinary Transitions of Care Approach

Vittavat Termglinchan, MD, Kelly Zhang, BA, Terese McManis, RN, Kristel Escal, RN, Kimberly Dong, PharmD, Karen Nelson, MSW, MBA, John Shepard, MBA, MHA, Neera Ahuja, MD, Charles Liao, MD

Presidential Poster Session

Anxiety or Depression: Which Better Explains Fear of Becoming a Burden in Late Life?

Ana Jessica Alfaro, MS, Chalise Carlson, MA, Daniel L. Segal, PhD, Christine E. Gould, PhD, ABPP

Presidential Poster Session

From Isolation to Collaboration: Improving Advance Care Planning in Primary Care

Silvia Tee, MD,Neha Nerula, MD, Winnie Teuteberg,MD

Presidential Poster Session

Efficacy of a Formalized Skilled Nursing Facility Curriculum

Zaneta Chen, MD, Can Chan, MD, Philip Choe, DO, Marina Martin, MD, Christine Gould, PhD

Dementia Simulation Training

Sowmya Iyer, MD MPH, Joanne Weith, RN MS, Linda Frommer MPH, , Travis Runnels,  Dat Hoang-Gia CNS, Christine Gould PhD , Ashley Scales PhD, Cynthia Shum RN, DNP

Sign, Seal, Deliver: Pre-addressed Advance Directive Packets to Increase Completion Rates

Michael Genauldi, MD, Silvia Tee, MD, Meera Sheffrin, MD

Mobile Intervention for Depression Benefits Middle Aged and Older Adults

Chalise Carlson, MA, Eric Kuhn, PhD, Sarra Nazem, PhD, Christine Gould, PhD

Evaluation and Deprescribing of High-risk Medications in Geriatric Population with Dementia

Liana So, PharmD; Catherine Hong, PharmD, BCCCP; Vittavat Termglinchan MD; Philip Choe, DO

Improving Depression Screening in Senior Care Clinic

Elizabeth Quijada, Khushboo Jani, Silvia Tee, MD

Who Cares? Caring for the Homebound: Profile of Caregivers of HomeboundOlder Adults Receiving Home-based Primary Care Services

Anna Lestoquoy, MPH, Maria Yefimova, PhD, RN, Meera Sheffrin, MD

One-year Outcomes from Pilot Providing Home-based Primary Care Services to Homebound Older Adults

Anna Lestoquoy, MPH, Maria Yefimova, PhD, RN, Meera Sheffrin, MD

Recovery After Geriatric Trauma: A Quality Improvement Pilot

Kristie Hsu, Matt Mesias, MD



The Transitionalist Pathway: Multidisciplinary TOC to Reduce Pneumonia Readmissions

Terese McManis, BSN, RN, PHN

The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach: Atypical Presentation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in an Older Patient

Mike Genualdi, MD

Do We Really Need a Pill for That? Reducing Polypharmacy in a Surgical ACE Unit

Julia Cremer, MD

Why are they Eating Dinner in Bed: Barriers to Mobility in Hospitalized Older Adults

Julia Cremer, MD

Sustainability for Veteran Dementia Resource Fair

Dat Hoang, RN

To Pee or not to Pee: Prevalence of Acute Urinary Retention in Geriatric Population

Aarthi Kannan, MD

Improving Accuracy in Identifying Delirium: CAM We Do Better?

Nannette Storr-Street, RN, MS, AGCNS-BS

Developing a Skilled Nursing Facility Curriculum for Geriatric Medicine Fellows

Pratyusha Narra, MD


Using a Geriatric Screen to Target Vulnerable Older Trauma Patients

Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS

3rd Best Scientific Abstract Poster, Society of General Internal Medicine California - Hawaii Regional Meeting, Jan 2018, Stanford, CA

Establishing an Advance Care Planning Protocol at Stanford Senior Care Clinic

S. Tee, MD, V. Shastri, MD, N. Storr-Street, CNS, A. Hernandez, MA, M. Sheffrin, MD, MAS, R. Paul, MD, M. James, MD, E. St. John, LCSW, M. Martin, MD, MPH

Presidential Poster Session

Implementation of an ACE Screen for Frality

Nannette Storr-Street, RN, MS, AGCNS-BC

Healthcare Con, March 2018, Stanford, CA

Test the feasibility of adopting an ACE or "Acute Care for Elders" evidence-based model of care for hospitalized older adults on one surgical unit at Stanford Health Care hospital. Track implementation data for a nursing screen to detect basebline fality as a proxy for feasibility. 

SPICE-ing Up the Nursing Care of Hospitalized Older Adults

Justin Rheem, MD; Astrid Block, CNS; Nannette Storr-Street, CNS; Philip Choe, DO; Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS; Ankur Bharija, MD

Prior to introducing an Acute Care for Elders model of care at our institution, we adressed nurses' baseline comfort level and knowledge, then tailored practical education to their needs. The new Stanford SPICES acronym was found to be an efficient and effective instrument for nursing education.

Geriatric Trauma Partnership: Using a Geriatric Screen to Target Vulnerable Older Trauma Patients

Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS

This poster is about the success implementing a Geriatric Screen done by Trauma Surgeons to identify older trauma patients at high risk for geriatric syndromes in the hospital. 

Electronic ("E") Consults for Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia (NPSD)

Sowmya Iyer, MD, MPH; Philip Choe, DO; J. Lisa Tenover, MD, PhD

This pilot was initiated to ascertain feasibility of phone consultation to make management recommendations for NPSD.  74 Veterans consulted, mean age 80.1 y (range 59-98y), 33% were patients in rural clinics.  Over 7000 miles of travel saved for these Veterans, dementia education provided to all caregivers, and recommendations made regarding pharmacological and behavioral management of dementia.  E-consults for NPSD are possible through non face-to-face methods, and improve access to Geriatric specialists and semi-urgent care that is otherwise not available.

Peaceful Night at the Hospital?

Kathleen Chak, DO; Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS; Anjeleena Singh, MD; Philip Choe, DO

A quality improvement project to reduce noise level in the hospital at night.


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