Welcome to the George Lab

Our lab applies bioengineering approaches to explore neurological disorders.  Our particular focus is utilizing interactive biomaterials to promote neural recovery.  Through the use of biomaterials, microfabrication techniques, and stem cell therapeutics, we are able to manipulate the neural environment and determine important pathways for healing. Our goal is to use these pathways to develop new treatments for patients with stroke and other neurological diseases.

With nearly 800,000 strokes occurring annually in the United States alone, stroke remains a leading cause of long term disability and death in the world. Despite stroke’s prevalence, currently there are no medical therapies to improve subacute and chronic stroke recovery.  The George lab strives to increase our understanding of naturally occurring repair mechanisms through biomarkers and novel technologies to improve the care of stroke survivors. 

Neurology & Neurological Sciences

The George Lab is part of the Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences.