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Chief Residents (PGY5)

Julia Chandler, MD

Deshka Foster, MD, PhD
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Why Stanford? 
Stanford is the whole package - extraordinary surgical training with exceptional faculty who are truly leaders in their fields across the board. And the opportunity to train in surgery in the context of Stanford University - one of the World’s top research institutions - particularly in the Biosciences, which is my area of research focus. My passion for basic/translational research led me to complete PhD training in the Longaker laboratory here through the Cancer Biology program during my research years. This experience set me on a clear career trajectory with the aim of becoming a surgeon-scientist in surgical oncology field. Phrased another way, I would ask - why not Stanford? I honestly cannot come up with a single reason. I truly love it here.

One interesting fact about me: I am proficient in Swahili

Wan Xing Hong, MD, PhD
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Amy Li, MD

Charles Liu, MD

Why Stanford?
Outstanding and broad clinical training at our 4 sites, a supportive and warm culture, strong infrastructure and mentorship for health services research.

An interesting fact about me:
I lived in southwest Uganda for 8 months during a research year in medical school, working at a regional referral hospital in Mbarara.


Why Stanford?
Access to world-class education, mentors, research, and patient care! The opportunity to train at a place where innovation and collaboration is not only welcome, but also fiercely supported.

One interesting fact about me:
I was born and raised in Ghana, but moved to the U.S with my family in 2008! Thanks to Arkansas, my vocabulary now includes words like “y’all” and my go-to drink is sweet tea (which y’all know doesn’t really exist in the Bay Area). And the best part about moving to Arkansas - I met my beautiful wife, Jeanine!

Carlos Ayala, MD, PhD
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Why Stanford?
Stanford checked all the boxes I was looking for in a residency program - clinical and operative excellence, diversity of practice models, and incredible research support. During my sub-internship as a 4th year medical student, I also felt there was a good fit with the culture and community of the surgery department.

One interesting fact about me:
I worked for 3 years in investment banking before medical school and continue to have an interest in understanding how the economics of our health care system affects patient care.

Why Stanford? 
There was something special about Stanford the moment I stepped into the hospital. The residents make you feel welcome and support you in whatever way they can and the attendings are committed to teaching you to be the best surgeon possible.

One interesting fact about me: 
I play piano.

Huda Muhammad, MD

Why Stanford? 
I chose Stanford because I knew that I would be around leaders in surgery and a strong and supportive community.

One interesting fact about me:
I got my driver's license 3 days before I moved to California for residency 😂

Professional Development

Rejoice "Fari" Ngongoni, MD

Ananya Anand, MD

Carlie Arbaugh, MD

Why Stanford? 
Stanford General Surgery Residency offers a diverse clinical training through four different settings and the varied patient populations they serve. The opportunities to pursue unique paths during professional development or research years are more extensive than the typical residency program. We definitely work long hard hours in the hospital, but when we have time off, being based in the California Bay Area means a high chance of sun and relatively easy and quick access to internationally sought after natural beauty and outdoor activities. I am fortunate to have met my partner and some wonderful friends during my time living here :)

One interesting fact about me: 
I love cooking, learning about food, and sharing with others. During my professional development time I’m focusing on perioperative nutrition research, attending culinary school, and working on interventions to improve nutrition and education with a focus on underserved populations.

John Farag, MD

Why Stanford?Stanford is the perfect intersection of world class clinical care, groundbreaking scientific research, storied training history, and a perfect California environment. We are privileged to take care of a wide variety of patients from an underserved population at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the military veterans at the Palo Alto VA, and the sickest of the sick at Stanford and Stanford Children's. The Department of Surgery faculty, program administrators, and other healthcare workers throughout the hospital foster a collaborative, patient-centered work environment, while promoting resident autonomy. We also have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of professional development options. We are spoiled by the incredible Stanford University infrastructure with world-leading researchers; we are in the heart of Silicon Valley with ample opportunity to explore the private sector; and, of course, we can delve further into academia with advanced degrees. On top of all the career advantages Stanford offers, we are in one of the most beautiful places in the country with perfect weather, natural beauty, and large cultural hubs in San Jose and San Francisco. Weekends off can be spent by going to the beaches in Santa Cruz or Pacifica, exploring city life in San Francisco or San Jose, taking in the beautiful scenery in Muir Woods or many other hiking locales, or just enjoying a local park by campus. I couldn't imagine going through residency without the amazing group of people at our program.

One interesting fact about me: 
I am a singer-songwriter and I've been playing guitar since I was 9 years old. I've recorded my own music and played many live shows. I also love to golf, cook, and I am a huge baseball fan. Go Dodgers!

Beatrice Sun, MD

Jaclyn Wu, MD

Why Stanford?
Stanford offers an incredible wealth of resources and support for a wide variety of professional development pursuits. I also wanted a program with exposure to different hospital systems, including a county hospital, which we get through rotating at Valley, Kaiser, and the VA. Most of all, my co-residents are brilliant, wonderful people. Being able to go to the coast, Napa, or Tahoe on a weekend off doesn't hurt either!

One interesting fact about me:
Last winter, I went snowshoeing for the first time with Nimbus, a Samoyed-Husky mix that I adopted during residency. To no one's surprise, he was faster.


Luke Caddell, MD
University of Miami

Erin Devine, MD, PhD
Stanford University
SASS Program

Alexa Pohl, MD, PhD
Washington University

Why Stanford?
One of many reasons I chose Stanford was for the residents. On my interview day, one of the residents stopped me in the hallway, greeted me by name, and wished me luck as I headed into a round of faculty interviews. I had no connection to Stanford and I had only met this resident the prior night, but the simple act of remembering my name left a huge impression. I wanted to be at a program where I felt valued, accepted, and supported by my co-residents, and the residents at Stanford proved it was here on interview day. Now, as I resident, I am so grateful for my co-residents. I am grateful for the seniors who have shown remarkable patience while teaching me procedures and taking me through cases, the chiefs who have come in without question when I was worried about a patient, and my peers, who have provided a safe space to process this difficult and often frightening journey.

One interesting fact about me:
In undergrad, I did research on evolution and conservation, studying flatworm speciation in the desert springs of Texas and New Mexico.

Maria Korah, MD
Yale University

Garrison Carlos, MD
University of South Alabama (Stanford prelim)

Why Stanford? 
If you have a passion, it will flourish here.

One interesting fact about me: 
I was born with only one kidney. Something all my local trauma surgeons now know!

Kay Hung, MD
Stanford University

Joshua Villarreal, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

Why Stanford? I chose Stanford General Surgery because I wanted to forge my surgical training in a busy academic referral center and be in close proximity to outstanding world class research and technological facilities. Stanford is synonymous with innovation and producing future leaders in diverse fields. Our surgery program has a reputation for excellence and producing world class surgeons. Our educational curriculum and education fellows are great resources who assist in our surgical growth and the clinical breadth we encounter throughout our training in second to none. I am very happy with my choice and living in California has been quite a pleasant surprise.

One interesting fact about me: I'm a first generation physician.

Why Stanford? 
The chance to learn from national and international leaders in any field of interest; the perfect crucible for budding academic surgeons. Culture of excellence and collaboration. Elite, not elitist.

One interesting fact about me: 
I have perfect pitch (can re-play any song I listen to for the first time)

Why Stanford? 
I love my coresidents and they can make even a long, hard day a fun one! I also really enjoying rotating across the multiple hospital systems and the opportunity to learn from the diversity of experiences.

One interesting fact about me: 
I love to ski and hike with my dog in Tahoe, and since I’m half English, always happy to wrap up the day with tea and biscuits.

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Why Stanford?
The variety of training sites that we rotate at as residents is a valuable way to learn how surgical care is delivered in different types of healthcare ecosystems, and gives us the opportunity to care for a wide range of patients with different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, there is an abundance of resources for residents to pursue a variety of research interests, not only within the Department of Surgery, but extending to collaborations with other disciplines at Stanford or private companies in Silicon Valley.

One interesting fact about me:
I worked as a microbiologist at a biotechnology startup prior to attending medical school.


James Agolia, MD
Harvard University

Taylor Anderson, MD
Oregon Health Sciences University 

Why Stanford?
Surgical training at Stanford combines complex and diverse clinical experience with a robust reputation for fostering early surgeon-scientist careers. The professional development program provides immense resources for innovation, multidisciplinary mentorship from leaders in academic medicine, and advanced degree opportunities. In addition, the atmosphere of collegiality and support for resident well being has been palpable since interview day and reinforced by my experiences here.

One interesting fact about me: I can walk on my hands (sometimes better than I can walk on my feet!)

Justine Chinn, MD
UC Irvine

Why Stanford?
I wanted to train with a program where I knew I would be inspired by my colleagues, positively challenged by my teachers, and always growing and learning. Stanford felt like a community where I could be myself and be surrounded by supportive colleagues with the same values and goals.

One interesting fact about me: 
My dad volunteers for Search and Rescue for the county and has taught me how to rock climb, snow camp, and have a true love for the outdoors!

Chuner Guo, MD, PhD
Washington University
SASS Resident

Why Stanford? 
A strong culture to cultivate surgical excellence and personal growth. Research powerhouse with unique SASS pathway for surgeon scientist training.

One interesting fact about me:
I was born and raised in China, lover of cats and spicy food, former bass player, long distance runner.

Jung Min, MD
Stanford University

Anoosha Moturu, MD
Baylor University

Why Stanford? 
I was drawn to the flexibility and support that our residents have to pursue our interests during Professional Development time.

One interesting fact about me: I enjoy singing and was in an acapella group in medical school called Docapella!

Rosyli Reverson-Thornton, MD
Stanford University

Why Stanford?
As a Stanford medical student, I was able to see "behind the curtain" of the Stanford General Surgery program. The residents were not only great surgeons (felt very well prepared for private practice or fellowship), and clinicians but were humble, incredibly hard-working, and genuinely nice people. They challenged the stereotype of a surgeon and did it so gracefully. Additionally, they were mirrors of the general surgery attendings. You see, it is a core of the program. I looked at them and wanted to be just like them; that is why I chose Stanford for my general surgery training.

One interesting fact about me: I was born in Mexico and was an undocumented/DACA student.

Interns (PGY1)

Madeline Adams, MD
UC San Diego

Daniel Ahn, MD
University of Chicago

Why Stanford? 
I chose Stanford for the opportunity to be trained by world-class surgery faculty and for the program's emphasis on multi-disciplinary research and cultivating diverse profiles of gifted surgeons. All of the faculty and residents I met during my interview day were incredibly dynamic and ambitious, and I knew that Stanford was a place where I could belong and feel supported.

One interesting fact about me: 
I have perfect pitch, and I have been playing the violin for nearly 20 years.

Lia Delaney, MD
University of Michigan

Why Stanford? 
Stanford offers an incredible opportunity to train in an academic environment while being part of a community that prioritizes a culture of support, continuous growth and well-being, both in and out of the hospital.

One interesting fact about me: 
This is my first time living in California, and as an avid runner and biker, I am so thrilled to be living in an area with unlimited trails, paths and hikes to explore- year round!

Jacob Guorgui, MD

Why Stanford? 
I was lucky enough to do a sub-internship on the transplant service at Stanford. During my time here, I not only met some of the kindest and brightest individuals, but also truly inspiring residents and attendings - individuals who shared a passion of advancing academic surgery each in their own, unique way. This felt like a perfect fit given my interests in pursuing interdisciplinary surgical research, particularly with regards to surgical innovation in transplant. I knew coming to Stanford meant I would have the mentorship, departmental support and opportunities to successfully become the academic surgeon I hope to be, in whatever typical or atypical shape that may take. It’s also pretty hard to beat the Bay!

One interesting fact about me: 
I have triple citizenship – US, Canada, and Egypt (and can finally say I have played a round of golf in each).

Booyeon Han, MD, PhD
University of Rochester SAAS Program

Why Stanford? 
I was first interested in Stanford for the breadth of research opportunities. With my research background in tumor immunology and immunotherapy, specifically the draining lymph node, I was eager to meet and collaborate with faculty who were actively investigating this domain. I was ultimately drawn to the culture and people who I knew would help me grow as a surgeon scientist and individual.

One interesting fact about me: 
Violin has been an important part of my life for more than two decades. I am looking forward to attending musical events at Stanford and San Francisco during residency. My most recent hobby is baking. I started with fruit cobblers and expanded into choux pastries, swiss roll cakes, and now ricciarelli. I am looking for my next baking project, and thinking about pavlovas.

Chloe Nobuhara, MD
Duke University

Why Stanford? 
I wanted a residency program that would provide strong training as a surgeon, researcher, and leader—but also focus on the longevity of these goals. Stanford truly emphasizes all of the above, and fosters a collaborative and innovative environment to do so.

One interesting fact about me: 
I took up blacksmithing while living in North Carolina. The forge ran on charcoal, which is both more traditional and more environmentally friendly than a gas forge, but not amenable to the California fire risk. You can ask me to show you some of the pieces I’ve made!

Jennifer Shearer, MD
Case Western