Pediatric Digital Health

About us

Who we are: Community and equity minded pediatricians with diverse backgrounds in technology, business, research, informatics and academia from the Division of General Pediatrics

Vision: To lead the advancement of equitable child & adolescent health through digital solutions

Mission: To promote the development, evaluation, and usage of digital solutions towards equitably addressing child health needs including high quality and efficient care delivery, health care access, family centered care & population health

Principles/Values: trust, equity, whole child health, family centered care


David Bergman, MD 
Taskforce Member
Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics

Sabrina Braham, MD 
Taskforce Member
Clinical Assistant Professor

Ricky Choi, MD, MPH
Taskforce Co-lead
Clinical Assistant Professor

Anuradha Dayal, MD
Taskforce Member
Clinical Assistant Professor

Chethan Sarabu, MD
Taskforce Member
Clinical Assistant Professor

Lindsay Stevens, MD
Taskforce Co-lead
Clinical Professor

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Thought Leadership in Pediatric Digital Health Innovation

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