Previous Speakers……


Dr Danny Chou

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics

'Insights into novel insulins from cone snails'

Dr Anna Gloyn

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics

'The Ying and the Yang of Diabetes & Cancer susceptibility'

Dr Nicole Krentz

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics

'Using IPS cell derived beta-cells to model diabetes'

Dr Darrell Wilson

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics

'A historical perspective on basic science research in the Peds Endo Division'

Dr Christin Kuo

Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

'Sensory & Secretory Neuroendocrine cells'

Dr Zach Sellers

 Division of Gastroenterology. Department of Pediatrics

'Cystic Fibrosis & Pancreatitis – the exocrine pancreas & diabetes'

Dr James Priest

Division of Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics

'Maternal elevated glucose as a risk factor for congenital heart disorders in offspring'

Dr Hector Lopez

Department of Material Science & Engineering

'Engineering Injectable Hydrogels Drug Delivery'

Dr Joy Wu

Department of Medicine - Endocrinology, Gerontology, and Metabolism

'Making Bone from Stem Cells'

Dr Ron Rosenfeld 

Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University

'Adventures in Growth Hormone Insensitivity'

Dr Manuel Rivas

Department of Biomedical Data Science

'Generating effective therapeutic hypotheses from human genetic data'

Dr Justin Annes

Department of Medicine (Endocrinology)

'Developing Highly Potent Beta-Cell-Directed Replication Stimulators'

Dr Lay Teng Ang

Institute of Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine 

'Converting human embryonic stem cells into live cells - the metabolic workhorses and guardians of the body'

Dr Poss Huang

Department of Bioengineering

'Novel protein platforms and design AI for interfacing with immunology'

Hannah Moeller

Department of Medicine

'A novel de novo INS variant presenting with severe neonatal diabetic ketoacidosis'

Dr Kyle Loh

Department of Developmental Biology    

'Towards a cellular toolkit for human immune system replacement, for autoimmune and other diseases'

Dr Romina Bevacqua

Department of Developmental Biology    

'Human pancreatic pseudoislets as a platform for genetic discovery'

Dr Katrin Svensson

Department of Pathology    

'Systematic approaches to identify new metabolic pathways'

Dr Sharon Paige

Department of Medicine

'Impaired Mitochondrial Respiration is Associated with Reduced Contractility in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome'

Dr Josh Knowles

Department of Medicine

'Insights into the genetic basis of insulin resistance'

Dr Eric Appel

Department of Material Science & Engineering

'Is Excipient Science Boring?New technology to break down barriers in insulin speed, dual-hormone co-formulation, and global access'

Dr Robbie Majzner

Department of Pediatrics

'Unleashing the immune system against childhood cancer'

Dr Avnesh Thakor

Department of Pediatrics, Division of Radiology

'Novel Approaches for Pancreatic Regeneration and Islet Transplantation'

Dr Mark Kay

Department of Pediatrics,(Human Gene Therapy) & Genetics

'Novel Gene Transfer and Genome Editing Strategies to Treat Diabetes'

Dr Ahmed Metwally

Department of Pediatrics Genetics & Artificial Intellegence Laboratory, IIumina Inc ©

'Machine learning approach to identify metabolic sub-phenotypes using glucotype'

Caitlin Maikawa

Department of Material Science & Bioengineering

'Polymeric excipients for improved insulin formulations'

Dr Agnieszka Czechowicz

Division of Stem Cell Transplantation and Regeneative Medicine

'Progress Towards Safe, Curative Treatment of Blood and Immune Diseases: Development of Noval Conditioning Regimens for Hematopoietic Cell Transplanation'

Olivia Tsai

Department of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology

'Metabolic inroads into asparaginase pancreatitis'

Dr Yingying Ye

Department of Pediatrics Endocrinology & Diabetes

'The toles of mechanosonsitive and other ion channels in pancreatic beta cells'

Dr Mara Pavel-Dinu

Department of Stem Cell Transplantation

'Developing targeted gene collection therapies for immunodeficiencies'

Phil Lin & Yi Zhang

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics

'Toward insulin library generation with omniligase and phage display'

Dr Casey Gifford

Division of Pediatric Cardiology

'Getting to the heart of the matter: complex genetics and congenital heart disease'

Dr Bomi Lee

Departmnet of Gastroenterology Hepatology & Nutrition

'Single-cell sequencing unveils distinct immune microenvironment in human chronic pancreatitis'

Dr Annabel Wang

Division of Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology at City of Hope

'Adipose Tissue Remodeling and Cellular Heterogeneity'

Dr Everett Meyer

Department of Medicine Blood & Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy of Pediatrics

'T regulatory and hematopoeietic mixed chimerism as strategies for inslet transplantation tolerance'

Dr Urh Groselj

Department of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metaoblic Diseases, University Medical Centre Ljubljana

'Gender-related differences in cardiovascular risk profile in youth with diabetes'

Dr Alma-Martina Cepika

Division Stem-Cell Transplantation

'(Epi)genomics of type 0 regulatory T cells'

Dr Elizabeth Burgener

Pediatrics Pulmonary Medicine

'Pf bacteriophage in cyctic fibrosis: a story of chronic Pseudomonas and impaired mucociliary clearance'

Dr Trung Pham

Pediatrics Infectious Diseases

'Macrophage-mediated Tissue Immunity and Homeostasis During Persistent Bacterial Infection'

Dr Anca Pasca

Pediatrics Neonatal and Development Medicine

'Studying neurodevelopment disorders using forebrain organoids'

Dr Lea Steffes

Pediatrics Pulmonary Medicine

'Defining the neointima: Interrogating the cells and signals behind occlusive pulmonary vascular lesions'

Dr Natalia Gomez-Ospina

Pediatrics Genetics and Stem Cell Transplantation

'Engineering the blood to treat the brain'

Dr Katherine Travis

Development-Behavioral Pediatrics

'Neuroscience of Perinatal Care: Investigating how NICU care practices shape brain development to improve outcomes in children born preterm'

Dr William R. Goodyer

Pediatrics - Cardiology

'In Vivo Visualization and Molecular Targeting of the Cardiac Conduction System'