Frontiers in Biology

Frontiers in Biology: 2019-2020

Fall  -  2019
25-Sep Bryan Dickinson U Chicago Synthetic biology approaches to study and exploit RNA regulation 
2-Oct Lucy O'Brien Stanfrod Stem cell dynamics of flexible organ states
9-Oct Onn Brandman Stanford Stress response pathways at the molecular and systems levels
16-Oct Bo Wang Stanford A tale of two worms: stem cell-driven regeneration and parasitism in flatworms 
23-Oct Ellen Yeh Stanford Searching away from the streetlight: surprises from malaria’s plastid organelle 
6-Nov Roy Parker Colorado University RNP granules in health and disease
8-Nov Steve McKnight UTSW (BC Journal Club)
15-Nov Mark Krasnow Stanford  
13-Nov Susan Strome UCSC Histone-based transgeneration epigenetic inheritance
20-Nov Ting Wang Washington U Transposable elements and epigenome evolution
4-Dec Li-Huei Tsai MIT Network level approaches to studying Alzheimer’s disease
Winter  -  2020
8-Jan Daniel Promislow U of Washington Genetics of aging in natural populations: from flies to Fido
15-Jan Naama Barkai Weizmann Institute The search for transcription factors for their in-vivo binding-sites: distributed sensing byintrinsically disordered regions 
22-Jan Karolin Luger U of Colorado Adventures in the chromatin jungle
29-Jan Alex Marson UCSF Reprogramming Human T Cells With CRISPR
5-Feb Cliff Tabin Harvard Signals and forces patterning the intestinal smooth muscle
12-Feb Michael Bassik Stanford Development of new CRISPR/Cas9-based tools to identify cancer drug targets and mechanisms of cellular uptake
19-Feb Richard Mann Columbia The Transcription factor specificity paradox: Lessons from Hox proteins
4-Mar Alvaro Rada-Iglesias U of Cologne Compatibility between genes and enhancers in development and congenital disease
18-Mar Diana Shakes College of William & Mary From skewed sex ratios to cracking the meiotic secrets of a genetic lawbreaker development
14-Mar Bruno Reversade EMBO, Singapore A master switch for limb numbers
15-Mar Christopher Westlake NIH Assembly of the cilium from inside to outside the cell via membrane trafficking
Spring  -  2020
13-May Rhiju Das Stanford Open Vaccine: Stabilizing mRNA vaccines for COVID 19 through computation and crowdsourcing
20-May Mariana Wolfer Cornell  Seminal contributions: How male-derived protiens regulate reproduction
26-May Steve Henikoff Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Genome-wide mapping of protein-DNA interaction dynamics
3-June Molly Schumer Stanford The genetic architecture of naturally occurring hybrid incompatibilities

Frontiers in Biology: 2018-2019

Fall  -  2018
26-Sep Ulrich Hartl Max Planck "Molecular chaperones in protein folding and quality control" - Genetics (J Frydman booked Clark separately)
3-Oct Dan Jarosz Stanford "Mapping biochemical drivers of phenotypic change" (Oct 1-3 Biochem Retreat)
10-Oct Jim Ferrell Stanford "Trigger waves in cell signaling"
17-Oct Kryn Stankunas U Oregon "How the zebrafish got its fin back: signaling niches, and cell transitions of regeneration"
24-Oct Alan Lambowitz UT Austin "Thermostable Group II Intron Reverse Transcriptases (TGIRTs): Evolutionary signficance, structure, and RNA-seq applications"
31-Oct Prashant Mali UCSD  
7-Nov James Chen (Zhijian) UTSW "Enemy within - how DNA triggers immune defense and autoimmune disease through the cGAS-STING pathway"
14-Nov Kristin Baldwin Scripps "Through the looking glass: Exploring neuron diversity and human genetics using reprogramming"
28-Nov Wendell Lim UCSF "Hacking cells: Learning by building" - switched w/ Genetics 8/7/18 -Genetics will take March 27 or May 22
5-Dec Gisou van der Goot U Lausanne "Protein palmitoylation in health and disease: from Wnt signaling to anthrax"
12-Dec Rosie Alegado U of Hawaii "Influence of bacterial compounds on multicellular development of choanoflagellates"
Winter  -  2019
16-Jan Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado Stowers "Understanding the source of regenerative ability in animals" DB and BC switched Jan 16 with Jan 23
30-Jan Maria Barna Stanford  
6-Feb Tom Kornberg UCSF  
13-Feb Ibrahim Cisse MIT "Super-resolution imaging of transcription in live mammalian cells"
20-Feb Tania Baker MIT  
27-Feb Andreas Matouschek UT Austin "Deciphering the proteasomal degradation code"
6-Mar Yoseph Barash U Penn "Big data, small data: Getting from genotype to phenotype through transcriptome variations identification and prediction"
13-Mar Sergio Grinstein U of Toronto "Ion channels and the cytoskeleton in phagocytosis and micropinocytosis"
20-Mar Katie Peichel U of Bern "Genetics of adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks"
27-Mar Lulu Qian Caltech "Algorithmic and architectural foundations for programmable molecular machines: DNA robots, information-processing circuits, and reconfigurable nanostructures"
Spring  -  2019
3-Apr David Segal UCD "Changing Your Mind: Targeted Epigenetic Editing in the Brain"
10-Apr Samara Reck-Peterson UCSD "The cellular interstate system: deciphering the mechanisms of microtubule-based transport"
17-Apr Frank Chan Max Planck "The long-legged mouse and the impossible hybrid - the genetics of genome evolution in the mouse"
24-Apr Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Janelia "Membrane dynamics and organelle biogenesis - lipid pipelines and vesicular carriers"
1-May Sabine Cordes U Toronto "Post-transcriptional and post-translational mechanisms shaping vertebrate social behavior"
8-May Piali Sengupta Brandeis Food mind control: Regulation of sensory  behaviors by internal feeding state in C. elegans
10/22 - asked Billy Li and Mike Bassik if BC can take for Cliff Tabin
22-May Matt Waldor Harvard  
29-May Swathi Arur MD Anderson "Of worms, mice and women:  ERK signaling sculpts small RNA pathway in development and disease"
5-Jun Andy Minn U Penn  

Frontiers in Biology: 2017-2018

Fall  -  2017
27-Sep Xiaowei Zhuang  Harvard Illuminating biology at the nanoscale and systems scale by imaging 
4-Oct Francesca Cole MDAnderson CC Meiosis and chromosome segregation in mammals: why younger isn’t always better”
11-Oct Beatrice Hahn Upenn Out of Africa: Ape origins of Human AIDS and Malaria
18-Oct Monte Winslow Stanford Molecular Determinants of Cancer Growth and Metastasis 
25-Oct Nadav Ahutiv UCSF Functional characterization and therapeutic targeting of gene regulatory elements
31-Oct Jim Rothman  Yale Rothman couldn't make Nov 1, we couldn't another speaker  for Nov 1 - Title: "Transiting the Golgi Stack: New Insights into an Old Problem"
8-Nov Steve McKnight UTSW (BC Journal Club)
15-Nov Mark Krasnow Stanford  
29-Nov Michael Marletta UCB Nitric Oxide Signaling: From Prokaryotes to Humans
6-Dec Kim Cooper UCSD What big feet you have!” Identification of Genes Associated with Skeletal Proportion
13-Dec Christine or Johnathan Seidman Harvard (BC Journal Club)
Winter  -  2018
10-Jan Tom Cech U Colorado LncRNAs, PRC2 recruitment, and epigenetic silencing
17-Jan Diana Laird UCSF Heterogeneity and selection in developing germ cells
24-Jan Emma Lundberg SciLifeLab Spatial proteomics and the single cell 
31-Jan Sekar Kathiresan Mass Gen Hearth attack: from gene discovery to risk prediction, biology and therapeutics
7-Feb Kevan Shokat UCSF Chemical tricks for drugging the undruggable
14-Feb Hugo Bellen Baylor  Drosophila to unravel pathogenic mechanisms of neurological diseases: a Zika target and ApoE4 in Alzheimer’s Disease (BC taking since G took Feb 21)
21-Feb Genetics: Sex Chromosome Symposium   Genetics (Marcia) took Feb 21 from Biochem for Genetics-Sex Chromosome Symposium
28-Feb Wallace Marshall UCSF Pattern formation and regeneration in a single cell  (MUNZER)
7-Mar Jay Shendure U Washington Global views of development
14-Mar Bruno Reversade EMBO, Singapore A master switch for limb numbers
21-Mar Elizabeth Chen UTSW To invade or to resist:  That is the question - Mechanisms of cell-cell fusion   (BC Journal Club)
28-Mar Gloria Brar  UCB  
Spring  -  2018
4-Apr Daniel Kahne Harvard Molecular machiens that make membranes
11-Apr Kees (Cornelis) Murre UCSD Non-coding transcription instructs chromatin folding and compartmentalization to dictate enhancer-promoter communication
25-Apr David Bartel MIT MicroRNAs and other regulatory RNAs
2-May Oskar Hallatschek UCB Microbes under pressure (BC Journal Club)
9-May Stirling Churchman Harvard MS Probing gene regulation from the nucleus to mitochondria
16-May Cecilia Moens Fred Hutchison/ U Wash What Happens in Vagus: topographic mapping by the Vagus nerve.  [James (Zhijian) Chen cannot because he's receiving an award.  Instead he'll speak on Nov 7, 2018]
23-May Sun Hur Harvard Antiviral innate immunity: duplex RNA-mediated protein aggregation
30-May Amita Sehgal U Penn Biology of bedtime: understanding circadian rhythms and sleep
6-Jun Alanna Schepartz Yale  
13-Jun Jennifer Garrison Buck Institute Cellular and circuit mechanisms of neuropeptide signaling