Other Stanford@TheTech Activities and Projects

All participants in the Stanford at The Tech program are encouraged to stretch their skills through additional “extracurricular” activities or a final project. Participants are given opportunities to collaborate with other departments at the museum, develop new hands-on experiences, support special events, engage with community members beyond the museum’s walls, or contribute to larger multi-quarter projects.

Past participants have led STEM activities at community events, created entirely new STEM activities, improved and refreshed older experiences, experimented with cutting-edge biology to see if it can be made “kid proof”, attended community events, worked with The Tech’s social media team to create TikTok videos, volunteered at The Tech in additional roles, and more.

Below are just a few examples of opportunities explored by program participants over the past years.

Winter 2024: Chris Mathy (and many others!) volunteered at The Tech’s Teen Week event, where he spoke with middle and high school students about being a scientist, protein biology, and career paths.

Summer 2023: Daiyao Zhang helping to troubleshoot and bring back the popular Cheek Cell-fies activity after its long hiatus due to covid.

Spring 2023: Christy Luong and Kristi Bartholomay lead sessions for a visiting class on campus.

2022: Erin Brooks and Alyssa Lyn Fortier (not pictured) volunteered as facilitators for The Tech’s Algae String activity.

Fall 2019: Rebecca Culver tests out an early prototype of the DNA Markers activity.

Spring 2019: Olivia de Goede helps test and iterate the Ancient DNA Activity to turn it into a streamlined visitor experience.

Fall 2023: Paul Markley worked with The Tech’s social media team to adapt one of his Ask-a-Geneticist articles into a short form video.

Summer 2023: Ben Esmaili engaging with community members at Veggielution’s farm in East San Jose.

Spring 2023: Ilana Ariel Zucker-Scharff fine tunes the Cabbage Paints activity to create a more polished visitor experience

Spring 2023: Ruth volunteered as a guest speaker with local classes, both virtually and in person.

Fall 2019: Maria Viteri fine tunes a Sustainable Fishing game with museum visitors.

Winter 2019: Guillaume Riesen designed and tested placemats as a way to provide better graphics and visual aids for visitors.