Each genetic counseling student is required to complete a departmental research project as a requirement of graduation from the Program. To combine learning about how to conduct research in an ethical way with the practical skills needed in the profession, we require the following:

  • All students will complete a research project, but the range of topic areas and methods can vary widely (see prior project titles below)

  • During graduate school, students will complete a research seminar and a research elective, usually addressing the method or analysis approach they will utilize.  

  • Students will turn in a paper written in the format for submission to a journal.  We are proud that more than 50% of our students ultimately publish their research papers.  

  • Students will write an abstract and are encouraged to submit it to a relevant national meeting

  • Students will create a poster, and if possible present it at a local genetics meeting.  

  • Students will orally present their work at a research colloquium, usually held immediately prior to graduation. 

Thesis Projects

We are very proud to have a ~50% publication rate for student research projects.