Each genetic counseling student is required to complete a departmental research project as a requirement of graduation from the Program. To combine learning about how to conduct research in an ethical way with the practical skills needed in the profession, we require the following:

  • During graduate school, students will complete a research seminar and a research elective, usually addressing the method or analysis approach they will utilize.  

  • Students must complete a formal manuscript in the format of a journal article for publication. 

  • Students will create a poster, and if possible present it at a local genetics meeting.  

  • Students will orally present their work at a research colloquium, usually held immediately prior to graduation. 

Graduates' Projects

We are very proud to have a ~50% publication rate for student research projects.

Kelly Ormond Research Award

We are proud to announce the Kelly Ormond Research Award! This award was created to promote the dissemination of SUGC student research project results.

Who can apply?

2nd year SUGC students in good standing, eligible to graduate on time OR within one year of graudation date.

How much is the award?

A maximum of $2,000 will be awarded annually.

What will the award cover?

This award can support publication costs, registration fees, travel to conferences, etc. associated with presenting and disseminating your research project results. Please note these funds cannot be used for salary support, effort, or what an employer will cover (i.e., conference travel support by job, etc.).

How to apply:

Prepare the following as one PDF file:

  1. Cover letter (one-page max, double spaced) including:
    1. Significance of the research project
    2. Importance of disseminating the results
    3. Implications of the results on practice
  2. Your poster - the final poster you submitted to the program, or a revised version completed after graduation
  3. Budget (one-page max, double spaced) including:
    1. detailed breakdown of how the funds will be used
    2. Justification for use of the funds and confirmation that no other sources of support are available  
  4. Brief letter of support from your research committee - all committee members must be aware you are submitting your work for this award and approve 

Submit your documents via THIS FORM

When are applications due?

Annually, the first Friday in June at 11:59pm PT.

When will I find out if I got the award?

The award recipient will be announced via email on the last Monday in June before 5pm PT. If you did not receive the award you will get an email stating such on this day as well.

Donate to the Kelly Ormond Research Award fund!

All donations will be used to provide support to 2nd year students or new graduates to help disseminate their research results. No donation is considered too small!

  • Go to

  • Under Direct Your Gift, choose “Stanford Medicine” and then “Other Stanford Designation"

  • Write in the designation: "Kelly Ormond Research Award fund in the Department of Genetics"