Lancet Series on Gender Equality, Norms, and Health

The new Lancet Series explores how restrictive gender norms affect every aspect of everyone's wellbeing. The Series offers new perspectives and evidence on the impact of gender inequalities and norms on health, and the opportunities that exist to transform gender norms and inequalities.

Paper 1

Gender Inequality and Restrictive Gender Norms: Framing the Challenges to Health


Paper 2

How gender norms shape health: insights from global survey data



Paper 3

Improving health with programmatic, legal, and policy approaches to reducing gender inequality and changing restrictive gender norms

Paper 4

Disrupting Gender Norms in Health Systems: Making the Case for Change

Paper 5

Gender Equality and Gender Norms: Framing the Opportunities for Health

The development and dissemination of the Series was led by The Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University.  More information about the Center can be found here.

If you would like to contact us regarding the Series, the supporting materials, Series events globally, or to express interest in joining a network of researchers, please use the Contact Us form on the website.