About the Center

The Global Center for Gender Equality (GCfGE) is a collective of faculty, full time staff and consultants, affiliated with Stanford University and dispersed around the globe. Together, we bring rich experience as academics, researchers, field practitioners and analysts, with deep gender expertise across a range of sectors, including: gender mainstreaming, economics, agriculture, education, health, health systems and financing, private sector and policy. 

We believe gender equality, and equality more broadly, is a fundamental right that defines our humanity.

We exist to challenge the status quo, using intersectional feminist analysis to identify the root causes of injustice and dismantle compounding systems that deny people their rights, freedom and agency. 

We hold ourselves to be humble members of a global movement that spans generations. We carry forward the lessons learned by our forebears, stand in solidarity with contemporary changemakers and proactively listen for what is asked of us.


Foundational Principles

Work in Relationship

The future we envision cannot be realized by working in isolation. We foster mutually beneficial relationships in which all participants are valued and respected. We seek to change the way we operate in a system of scarce resources and create a culture of collaboration rather than competition. We honor that people are more important than outputs, and tend to the quality of our connections by which we co-create change.

Value wholeness

We center and address the needs of the whole human rather than isolated issues. Bridging disciplines, working across silos and collaborating across systems enables us to address the interdependency of the complex challenges we face.

Foster Inclusion

We value, engage, listen to and learn from all voices— particularly those that have been historically excluded from exercising power—and proactively dismantle hierarchies and break down barriers to participation, expression and agency. We develop collaborations that weave diverse perspectives and skill sets to model new approaches.

Stretch Beyond Comfort

Our commitment to transform oppressive systems calls us to be uncomfortable as we open new conversations and consider different perspectives. We strive to see what we haven’t yet seen, listen for what we don’t know and do better as we learn.

Be Transparent

In service of fostering trust and accountability in all our relationships, we are open about our processes, decision-making and practices. We share our challenges, learning and growth edges.

New Project Alert!

We are partnering with the African Union on their COVID response in Africa. Learn more about the project here!

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