Education & Capacity Building

Dr. Gary Darmstadt teaches within the School of Medicine and undergraduate school. Below are some of the course offerings. 


HUMBIO 129S: Global Public Health

The class is an introduction to the fields of international public health and global medicine. It focuses on resource poor areas of the world and explores major global health problems and their relation to policy, economic development and human rights. The course is intended for students interested in global health, development studies, or international relations, and provides opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction with experts in the field. 

HUMBIO 198: Senior Tutorial for Human Biology

Reading for Human Biology majors in exceptional circumstances and under sponsorship of Human Biology associated faculty. 

PEDS 280: Early Clinical Experience

Provides students an opportunity to see patients and correlate clinical findings with preclinical coursework. Students spend a half day or a full day in a pediatric subspecialty clinic (e.g., infectious diseases, endocrine, gastroenterology), participate in conferences and accompany attending physicians. Students have directed reading and meet with faculty for one hour per week to discuss their reading.


We are dedicated to taking our research and applying what we learn for real world impact. As part of our mission to educate and inform the next generation of leaders in gender equality, we curate and facilitate trainings and robust capacity building programs to support organizations, companies and governments to understand key concepts on gender equality. The aim is to build skills around integrating an intersectional gender lens into their work based on an organization’s culture, size, and needs.

We are available to customize these trainings, workshops and programs to meet the needs of your organization. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us on our Contact us page


Examples of trainings and capacity building

  • We are designing a Public Leadership for Gender Equality (PL4GE) leadership curriculum designed to enhance high-level government official's commitment and capacity to lead initiatives for gender equality. This will be launched in 2021 for the Ethiopian government.
  • As partners of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we have designed and implemented foundation-wide gender integration programming, capacity building and technical assistance.
  • We have led a number of awareness building trainings around core concepts of gender equality and intersectionality for philanthropists at organizations such as Women Moving Millions and The Battery, SF.