T-32 Program Adult & Pediatric GI & Hepatology

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Dr. Natalie Torok MD

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Travena Vinegar
Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Stanford University School of Medicine
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Welcome to the Stanford Adult and Pediatric GI and Hepatology T32 Training Program. Our NIH funded program trains future leaders in academic gastroenterology and hepatology. The T-32 training grants from the NIH prepares individuals for careers in research that have a significant impact on the health-related research needs of the nation. The grant pays stipend, travel, research costs and other expenses and is supported by most institutes at the NIH.
Our training program has been designed to help ensure that our fellows are prepared to undertake leadership roles and help advance the nation’s biomedical and clinical research agenda. Our previous T32 fellows have a strong track record of establishing independent careers in academic medicine and in acquiring external funding for their research program.

Structure of the T32 Program

Our T32 fellowship awardees are selected from the pool of adult and pediatric gastroenterology fellows who match in our program. Enrollment is based on demonstration of academic track record and strong interest in pursuing research career in academia. Most of our T32 fellows are enrolled in advanced degree programs like MD or PhD programs during their GI fellowship. The fellows enrolled in the program have around 24-30 months of dedicated research time, apart from 12 months of clinical training. We have shown a sample of the structure of the GI fellowship of T32 fellows-

Research Training

We have a structured and comprehensive research training plan for our T32 fellows. We further tailor the plan to enable individual fellows to reach their academic and training goals. The core components of the research training include-

  1. Mentored research- Each T32 fellow is paired with a mentor who trains the fellow in either basic, translational or clinical research in the field of GI and Hepatology. The fellow will be embedded within the mentor's research program for the duration of the T32 fellowship and will have access to the mentor's research resources.
  2. Weekly GI research seminar series where T32 fellows can present their research and get critical feedback and also hear career development advice from from leaders in the field.
  3. Option to pursue a Master's degree in clinical or translational sciences offered at Stanford
  4. Training in grantsmanship to enable the fellows to pursue funding from both internal sources at Stanford and external sources like the NIH K award programs.


Natalie Torok, MD

Jeffrey Glenn, MD,

W. Ray Kim. MD

Mindie Nguyen, MD

Current Fellows

Edward Pham MD PhD

Branden Tarlow, MD PhD

John Gubatan, MD

Alexa Weingarden, MD, PhD