Information on IBD

Links to the best resources for you and your family

The internet can provide a wealth of information, but it can often be difficult to sift through all of it. Here we have collated many of our most-used and trusted resources on IBD.


Nuts and Bolts of IBD

My IBD Care Book:

Stanford Children's Self-Management Handbook for Patients and Families with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This contains useful information about IBD, your Stanford Children's care team, and templates that can be used to track your or your child's health.

  • About the Diagnosis


About Diagnostic Tests


At Stanford Children's IBD Center, we ascribe to an individualized approach for each patient when it comes to therapy. No two individual IBD patients are the same. Based on family- and disease-specific needs, our care team will work with you to find the right balance.

Trouble swallowing pills? Try CCF's Pill Swallowing Techniques for Kids and Teens

Need help remembering to take your pills? Here are some tips from Children's Mercy.


Sulfasalazine, Asacol®, Pentasa®, Lialda®, Apriso™, Delzicol™

Remicade®, Humira® (injection video here), Cimzia®, Simponi®, Tysabri®, Entyvio™

Prednisone, Entocort, Uceris®

Azathioprine, Mercaptopurine (6MP), Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus (Prograf), Methotrexate


Drug Assistance Programs




Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

  • CCF: CAM Fact Sheet



Living with IBD



Non-Gastrointestinal Symptoms

  • IBD School with Peter Higgins: Fatigue




Stress and Behavioral Health


Understanding Insurance and IBD

For Younger Children


For Teens and Young Adults


Social Networking Sites and Health Trackers


Events and Camps