Peds GI Advocacy

The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition has an active group of faculty, staff and LCPH employees inclusive of pediatric gastroenterologists and hepatologists, GI dieticians, GI social workers and administrative colleagues that meet monthly to discuss critical and important issues as it relates to Advocacy.

Click here to access our Department of Pediatrics Advocacy Program Website. 

GI Advocacy Co-Chairs

Dr. Noelle Ebel, Dr. Shweta Namjoshi, & Dr. Rachel Herdes



- Partnered with the Society of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT) to support a federal bill that would protect living organ donors (

- Started the first social determinants of health in a subspecialty clinic at LPCH

In partnership with NASPGHAN, GUTS members have advocated for medically necessary foods, including specialized formulas & supplements, to become essential health benefits.  NASPGHAN has created an action alert to allow stakeholders to comment to the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS). Please take action and advocate for nutrition equity for your children and patients here:

- In partnership with AAP and Vot ER GUTS members have advocated for families to have a voice on the policies impacting their health through civic health:

- GUTS members have guided families through the formula crisis an advocated for medical nutrition equity and coverage

- In alignment with the AAP's Read Talk Sing campaign for early literacy and kindergarten readiness, GUTS members built a multilingual library in our clinic to encourage reading for all including children with subspecialty GI needs:

- Our clinic is one of few outside of developmental pediatrics using the DACY-2, ensuring appropriate developmental screening & advocacy for children with complex GI disabilities. 

- Created a free Peds GI Library

Secured the Developmental Assessment of Young Children | Second Edition

- LGBTQ program, FCS of Silicon Valley 

- Vot-ER Badges
- Ronald McDonald House Supply Drive

- Division Wide Racial Injustice Listening and Action Planning Session 

- City of Palo Alto Utilities Project PLEDGE 

- Family and Children Services of Silicon Valley

- Second Harvest Food Drive

Current Activities

- GI Advocacy and Health Equity manuscript in process
- IRB to study food insecurity in the GI and Hepatology Clinic
- Partnering with the Office of Child Health Equity to continue to promote subspecialty health equity and advocacy       efforts.

Presenters & Topics

- Dr. Lisa Patel - "OpEd's" 
- Dr. Tom Robinson "Child Obesity Expert" 
- Dr. Laura Schmidt "UCSF Healthy Beverage Initiative" 
- Dr. Seema Yasmin - "Q&A session: Engaging with Media and Debunking Misinformation" 
- Dr. Christine Nguyen "Pitching Media" 
- Dr. Jill Krissberg - "Successes, Failures, Impact on Disparties" 
- Dr. Elizabeth Shepard - "Pediatric Weight Management"

Meeting Slides

Community Engagement

November 2022 Advocacy & Wellness Event: Creating Reading Bundles for Children

Children's Book Donations

Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive

Vot-ER Badges Final Product

We created a free Pediatric GI Library for the Kiddos!