Digital Phenotyping of Neurodevelopmental Disorders via Smartphones

In current clinical practice, diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is performed by identification of behavioral and cognitive symptoms. These behavioral and cognitive symptoms are typically identified and calibrated based on observation or subjective data reported by the patient and/or loved ones. As of yet, objective data has been difficult to obtain due to constraints in time, tools, and traditional techniques. With the extensive use of mobile phones and wearable devices by adults and children today, electronic devices have the capacity to capture objective data about behavior and cognitive symptoms. This new approach to capturing objective data through devices has the capacity to revolutionize the systems used for measuring the behavioral and cognitive differences among individuals with autism versus those without autism. This system of measurement can in turn affect the capacity of clinicians to develop and deliver effective therapies, supports and treatment for individuals with autism and other cognitive conditions.

The SmartPhone study captures info about social communication and interpersonal behavior (texting and calling), mobility (location data), and participant feedback about support services and more via short surveys. The info is used to identify and compare patterns of behavior between neurodiverse and neurotypical participants in order to develop further research studies aimed at assessing and enhancing social and daily living function in neurodiverse individuals.

This study involves daily use of a personal cell phone, downloading one app, responding to short (1-2 minute) daily survey questions and one or more in-person visits to the lab. The study is open to individuals between the ages of 18-55 with preference to students in a university setting.

Interested in participating?

The Participant Must:

  • Have a diagnosis of Autism/ Asperger’s OR typically developing with no psychiatric diagnosis
  • Be between 18-55 years of age
  • Be willing to download an app on your smartphone
  • Have an IQ greater than 70

Participation in the Study will involve:

  • In-person eligibility visit
  • Online surveys
  • Downloading an app

Benefits of Participating:

  • $20 for the baseline visit and $20 for each additional timepoint for a total of $60
  • Generalized results from IQ test

For more info please or to enroll in this exciting opportunity, please contact: