Lab Members

Paul Barghouth
Post Doc

Paul Barghouth received his doctorate degree in Quantitative and Systems Biology in 2019. He focused on pre-cancerous lesions (e.g. DNA damage and epigenetics) that give rise to cancer cell transformation. Here, he shed light on the intricate interplay between DNA damage and DNA repair during adult tissue turnover and large scale tissue regeneration. Paul entered the Frock in June 2019 and focuses his work on understanding the cause and effect of radiation therapy with respect to DNA damage and repair.  

Marie Le Bouteiller
Post Doc

Marie received her PhD in the Institute Pasteur in Paris, France in 2012. Her work focused on the interplay between ribosome biogenesis and hematopoietic stem cell maintenance in mice, under the supervision of Michel Cohen-Tannoudji. Then she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, and was working in Kim Jensen’s lab on the role of intestinal stem cells in tumorigenesis. She joined the Frock lab in September 2019, and she is working on DNA repair pathways.

Josefin Kenrick
Life Science Research Professonal

Josefin Kenrick grew up in Palo Alto and studied Biological Sciences at UC Davis, where she focused on plant genetics and biochemistry. In her spare time, Josefin loves to be outside, whether that be hiking, skiing, or reading in a park.

Carlos Origel
Post Doc

Carlos received his PhD degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Rice University in Houston, TX. His work focused on developing a gene expression reporter platform to study stress-response signaling pathways in mammalian cells. Carlos joined the Frock Lab in March 2020 and his research focuses on elucidating the mechanism of DNA repair in cells which involve mammalian tissue culture and bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data.

Jinglong Wang
Post Doc

Jinglong was trained in a single-molecule lab in Institute Jacques Monod and École Normale Supérieure Paris and obtained his PhD degree from University of Paris in 2019, France. He dissected the molecular machinery of human and bacterial Non-homologous end joining, and interrogated the mechanism of SpCas9 tolerance to non-specific substrate using single-molecule nanomanipulation tools. Jinglong joined the Frock lab in Jan 2020, and he is working on DSB-related chromosome topological changes and genomic interactions.

Former Lab Members

Finn Maniscalco
2019 Summer Intern

Finn joined the Frock lab as a High School Summer Intern for the summer of 2019.  He is currently attending Lick Wilmerding High School in  San Francisco.


Micah Kelly
Life Science Research Professional

Micah recently graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. This is her first time working at a research lab, and she is very excited to absorb as much knowledge and skills as humanly possible. She later plans to pursue a phD program where she can combine the knowledge she acquires in oncology with her interest in pharmacology. In her spare time, she enjoys binge-watching The Office and spending time with her two younger sisters and newly-wed husband.