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Process Excellence

What is Process Excellence at SoM?

"No matter your title, your job here at SoM is to advance human health.
Process Excellence is here to help you and your team do that job better."

We work with leaders who are passionate about driving change and interested in challenging the status quo. We are coaching partners who empower teams to collaborate, leverage the principles of Continuous Improvement, and achieve spectacular results.


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Meet Your Coaches

Get to know the Process Excellence team

James Ramos

Meet James

Prior to joining the Process Excellence team as Director, James was part of the Budget and Financial Planning group in Fiscal Affairs.  He has over 12 years of experience working in finance, 5 of which were devoted to corporate turnarounds.  

Fun fact: While James was born in the US, he grew up in Mexico City.

Kimberly Leung

Meet Kim

Kim Leung is the program manager for Process Excellence at the School of Medicine.  Kim serves as a coach, launch facilitator, and training facilitator.  She has worked for the School of Medicine for over five years under Fiscal Affairs and Medical Center Development, with a keen and natural curiosity for continuous improvement.  You can expect 100% transparency, eagerness to help, and loads of energy.

Fun fact: Kim is a native San Franciscan and new mom who loves seeing the world through the eyes of her daughter.  

Mitchel Keogh

Meet Mitch

Mitch has spent the last 6 years in a variety of industries, helping teams improve the way they work. He finds great joy in helping teams leverage their own expertise to come up with new ways of working to address their problems. He joined the Process Excellence team in January of 2020.

Fun fact: A true believer of the lean methodology, Mitch used tools and methods from Toyota's lean system to lose 100 lbs in 2018!

Kathryn Eden

Meet Kat

Kat has more than 20 years experience helping individuals and teams do their best work. She joined the Stanford team in 2018 as Director of Change Management for  Business Technology Services organization and has been part of the Process Excellence team since March 2020.

Fun fact: Kat started her "Change Management" training early. She has lived in 8 US states and from 5th - 11th grade, she never attended the same school twice!

Process Excellence Sponsors

Marcia Cohen

Senior Associate Dean, Finance and Operations

Kathleen Thompson

Executive Director, RMG

Sam Zelch

Chief Financial Officer and Associate Dean, Fiscal Affairs

Kevin Moody

Associate Dean, HR, Facilities, Planning, and Management

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