Process Excellence

Process Excellence Training

Goal Setting Training

Through this quick and actionable series of lessons, you'll learn how to create goals that are energizing for your team, meaningful to your customers, and connected to SoM's mission. Click here to learn more!

Visual Management Training

This course is designed to help School of Medicine Faculty and Staff better understand Visual Management and how it can be used to organize and communicate work, track progress toward goals, and connect team members. Click here to learn more!

Psychological Safety Training (for Managers)

In this course managers, will learn what psychological safety is, why it's important, and how to increase levels in their teams. Click here to learn more!

Psychological Safety Training (for Individual Contributors)

In this course, individual contributors at School of Medicine learn what they can do to help everyone on their team feel comfortable speaking up. Click here to learn more!

Continuous Improvement Training (Coming Soon!)

Learn how to identify opportunities for change and turn them into improvements that are tested, implemented, and sustained to produce lasting and meaningful results. Click here to learn more!