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Our services range from highly structured 90-day “Launches” to longer term ongoing coaching, to one-off workshops. Ready to help your team do better work? So are we.


What can we really change in 90 days? For Process Excellence clients, the question becomes “what can’t we change in 90 days"?

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Virtual Improvement Events (VIEs)

With the recent transition to remote-work, you may have noticed a need for a way to improve your work in a succinct and virtual way.

Virtual Improvement Events offer a way to improve your work, across 3-4 short meetings followed by concentrated improvement activities, similar to our launch process.

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Coaching Engagement

Creating a culture of Continuous Improvement on your team isn't easy. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone.

SoM coaching clients work toward mastery of the Daily Management system with the support and partnership of a highly trained Process Excellence coach.

Other Ways to work with us

The Process Excellence team works with teams in other ways to help them do their best work.

  1. Workshops
  2. The Coaching Partner Program

Upcoming Process Excellence Events

Launch Information

Learn more about the improvement workshop many teams use to improve mission critical processes

Explore these tabs to learn more about Launches and how to prepare if you're scheduled for one. 

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Our Launch programs begin with a 3 day “roll up your sleeves” workshop where the team embarks on a detailed exploration of a critical issue.  In this workshop, teams will:  

  • Create goals around solving the issue
  • Map out their existing process 
  • Isolate key pain points
  • Envision a future state 
  • Brainstorm solutions and 
  • Generate a 90 day action plan

Using a VizBoard to track their work, the team takes the next 90 days to collaboratively work together toward their goal - with 30, 60 & 90 day “Report Out” sessions to their sponsors. 

Launches are not only a great way to help your team build muscle around Continuous Improvement, they are a great team-building initiative.  Our customers routinely tell us that the 3 day Launch workshop is one of the best decisions they’ve made.

Virtual Improvement Events

Quick improvement facilitated virtually

Virtual Improvement Event Overview

Remote-work will be a central feature of our work life for the considerable future.  The Process Excellence team saw the need to devise an improvement workshop that is optimized for remote-work and, similar to a Launch, designed to help teams create a comprehensive improvement plan around a key process.  We call this workshop a Virtual Improvement Event, or a VIE.  These highly-targeted, lightweight workshops will allow teams to explore a critical process in considerable depth without a huge time commitment.  


Ready to help your team do their best work? So are we.

Working with teams to improve their work

The core service of Process Excellence is coaching.  Our coaching is designed to help teams generate their best work by improving their ability to collaborate and communicate, by connecting them to the School’s mission, and by giving them the tools to implement a team-driven continuous improvement framework.  

We focus on people first because we believe that processes, no matter how beautifully or efficiently designed, depend on the people running them.  Get that right first, and you can solve nearly any problem. 

Other ways to work with Process Excellence

Other ways Process Excellence is prepared to support your team


In addition to Launches and Virtual Improvement Events, the Process Excellence team offers several workshops to accelerate a team’s understanding of key principles of continuous improvement.  These workshops are offered on an on-demand basis and cover the following topics:

  • Creating an effective scope document (Thinking Within Scope)
  • Crafting metrics that align with a team’s goals (Metricize)
  • Writing a powerful Value Proposition Statement (Value Statement Workshop)
  • Using reflection as a force to sustain improvements (Reflection Workshop)
  • Brainstorming for Idea Generation (Idea Generation Workshop)
If you’re interested in any of these services, we’re happy to put something together for your team.  These workshops are a great way for teams to make rapid progress on a key area of their daily management system.


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