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Dear Friends,

This page is designed to provide information for patients of either Dr. Dean Felsher or Dr. Alice Fan in our Lymphoma continuity clinics. We are delighted to present to you a summary of the exciting progress we have made over the last year in our active lymphoma research program. We hope that our progress will encourage you that we are absolutely committed to finding better treatments for our patients.

As you may know, funding from the National Institute of Health is at all time low and support for our research program is increasingly difficult, particularly for the most exciting but therefore most challenging projects. If you would like to support our research or a particular project is of interest you are welcome to send a gift to our research program, which is tax deductible. All you need to do is to send a check to the address listed below, but you must specify on the check that your gift is for the research program of Dr. Dean Felsher and/or Dr. Alice Fan at Stanford University and then the University will designate these funds only for our research program.

We very much welcome your thoughts and comments and hope that this information is both inspiring and interesting.

Dean W. Felsher, MD PhD                                    Alice Fan, MD
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Donations can be earmarked for our laboratory or for a specific project. Please consider
helping us to continue to pursue our efforts to discover new treatments for cancer.
We have included a brief newsletter that summarizes some of our most recent

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Alice Fan, MD & Dean Felsher, MD, PhD