The Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative

The Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative (Collaborative), an initiative of the Healthcare Foundation, came together in response to the Sonoma County Wildfires in October of 2017. We want to help our community recover from the effects of the wildfires and return stronger than it was before. This is accomplished using the following evidence-based strategies to support anyone impacted by the wildfires with FREE SUPPORT — during the day, evening and weekend hours around the county. Stanford psychologists are partnering with the Healthcare Foundation to evaluate the program. We hope to learn whether, and which aspects of the program are providing effective psychosocial support to those whose lives were impacted by the wildfires.

Sonoma County residents who are looking for wildfire mental health support services, such as individual or group counseling, trauma-informed yoga, iRest meditation groups, or other support services, may call or text NAMI at 1-866-960-6264. To support these services, please contact the Healthcare Foundation at (707) 473-0583 or

Program Evaluation for the Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative's work is featured in Psychological Services. A pre-print can be found here:

This article describes our program evaluation and findings

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Forms and Instructions for Counselors and Clients

*Please note that not all surveys in the client follow-up packet need to be completed at every session - only the ones that are relevant to what is being addressed in the counseling sessions.