Information for Participating Clinicians

Read about 'How Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) has changed the landscape of trauma care' and how it might help your clients recover from their trauma!

Client Recruitment Video

Therapist Recruitment Video

If you are a study participating clinician, use the following Stanford Medicine Box to upload study materials.

Stanford Medicine Box is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Only the study team will be able to access the files you upload. Please label with your Clinician ID, the Patient ID, and the session number before uploading. 

VA Clinicians cannot upload to Box. Instead, save the files to the folder on the VA server for this study. Contact Regine at if you have any questions or problems with accessing the folder.


If the upload box makes you use your email address to submit, please use "" so your file does not not contain identifiable information. 

Screenshot guides and video demos for clinicians participating via telehealth