CPT Sustainability Study

Description of the Study:

The current project will compare two different methods of post-training support to promote improved and sustained CPT delivery. Your clinic will be randomly assigned to one of two strategies, both of which will meet biweekly at first, and then monthly, for one year.  The meetings and communications will be recorded for the purposes of understanding whether the processes and strategies used in the learning collaboratives are helpful in supporting CPT implementation. One strategy will focus on providing consultation to help you further develop your skills at delivering CPT with the clients you see in your clinic or practice. The other strategy will teach you strategies for identifying ways to address challenges to delivering CPT effectively at the clinic, client, or treatment level and to determine whether changes that you make to address these challenges are working. 

You will be asked to complete surveys on your use of CPT every month, and you will also be asked to complete other surveys at the beginning of the study, after the active study phase is complete, and at two follow-up assessments. You will also be asked to record therapy sessions with patients who agree to participate in the study and to provide information and materials used during treatment. You may also be interviewed about your experiences with CPT before or after you participate in the learning community, and the interviews will be recorded.

 For more information, please visit: https://www.cptstudy.com/

You can learn more about CPT in an episode of This American Life called “Ten Sessions”. A women shares her experience as she participates in CPT to address a sexual trauma that occurred whe she was a teen: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/