The FRAME-IS for tracking implementation strategies is now available:

Read about The FRAME: an Expanded Framework for Reporting Adaptations and Modifications to Evidence-Based Interventions here.

This webinar from June, 2019 discusses the development of the FRAME, describes new and refined constructs, and presents a decision aid to guide decisions to adapt interventions.

If you decide to use the coding system for your project, feel free to update the codebook to reflect decision rules that align more closely with the interventions you are working with. Please check back on this page as updates to the FRAME codebooks and materials will be posted from time to time.

FRAME Excel Tracking Spreadsheet (download below)

This spreadsheet supports a centralized FRAME coding process for a project team. It lists each FRAME code, with drop-down menus and space to enter additional details when needed.

The spreadsheet was developed by Alex Dopp at RAND for the CLARO project. Note that the team included a new code to capture which Collaborative Care intervention components were involved in each adaptation; this could be replaced with a similar code for a different intervention, or removed entirely.


Coding sheets can be completd by circling or checking off the appropriate selection for each modification during or after the interview.

Self-report forms can include the following options:

  1. "I have done this with one of my patients/clients." 
  2. "I have done this with half or fewer of my patients/clients."
  3. "I have done this with most, but not all of my patients/clients."
  4. "I have done this with all of my patients/clients."

Example Papers

Below are a few of the papers that have used the coding system: