Selected Publications

Gonzalez VD, Huang YW, Delgado-Gonzalez A, Chen SY, Donoso K, Sachs K, Gentles AJ, Allard GM,

Kolahi KS, Howitt BE, Porpiglia E, Fantl WJ. Cell Reports. 2021.

Key Findings

  • Decidual-like NK cells correlate with tumor cell abundance in tubo-ovarian HGSC
  • Combinatorial NK receptor ligand expression levels differ across tumor compartments
  • NK cells acquire CD9 from HGSC tumor cells via trogocytosis
  • CD9 suppresses anti-tumor cytokine production and cytotoxicity in NK-92 cells

Gonzalez VD*, Samusik N*, Chen TJ, Savig ES, Aghaeepour N, Quigley DA, Huang YW, Giangarra V, Borowsky AD, Hubbard NE,

Chen SY, Han G, Ashworth A, Kipps TJ, Berek JS, Nolan GP, Fantl WJ. Cell Reports. 2018.

Key Findings

  • Cell types identified by CyTOF recur across newly diagnosed HGSOC tumors
  • Greater frequency of vimentin/cMyc/HE4 cells correlates with poor prognosis
  • A transitional EMT phenotype identified co-expressing E-cadherin and vimentin (EV)
  • In relapse patients, EV cells are positively correlated with a metastatic trajectory

Full Publication List

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