January 25 Jan 25
4:30 pm - 6 pm
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Women Faculty Networking: Don’t Give Up the Wine List

Younger Dining Room, 3rd floor, Stanford Hospital at 500P

Please join us at this 90-minute workshop, with Special Guest, Sharon Harris, Owner and Director of Winemaking, RareCat Wines  who will teach us how to use wine as a tool to connect with others in a professional setting. Wine can be one powerful way to connect with colleagues.  A Women's Palate: Don't Give Up the Wine List is an interactive seminar that empowers women to confidently learn the basics about fine wines; shares helpful strategies for successfully ordering wines in a professional setting; and provides tips on choosing a wonderful bottle of wine from any list, anywhere.

The informational portion of the seminar is followed by a guided wine tasting of fine wines produced by women winemakers of California.

Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity and the Women Faculty Networking Steering Committee


Younger Dining Room at Stanford Hospital
500 Pasteur Dr., Room M330, 3rd Floor Above Main Entrance
Palo Alto, CA 94305

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Younger Dining Room at Stanford Hospital

500 Pasteur Dr., Room M330, 3rd Floor Above Main Entrance
Palo Alto, CA 94305
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Sharon Harris, Owner and Director of Winemaking, RareCat Wines

Inspired by a year spent abroad in Bordeaux during her education, and after a career in publishing and technology consulting, Sharon decided to pursue her ultimate dream of creating wine with personality. Sharon applied and was accepted to the famous DUAD program at the University of Bordeaux Oenology department, graduated with honors, and moved home to California to create Rarecat Wines. Several years ago Sharon formed an exclusive trade group called Wine Entre Femmes, comprised of some of the most remarkable women in wine in Napa and Bordeaux, and co-founded A Woman's Palate, a company that celebrates wines by women for women.

Throughout her career, and now with Rarecat, Sharon found her passion in empowering women through wine and supporting women in the wine industry. Noting that women make up a very small percentage of the winemaking industry, and the wine-buying public, she believes that introducing more women to wine and the wine industry can be a catalyst for opening doors and breaking down barriers in all industries.