June 06 Jun 06
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HEAL Webinar on Health Equity and the Environment


The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity is hosting a faculty webinar with the Health Equity Action Leadership (HEAL) Network to highlight efforts that explore and improve health equity and the environment. You will hear from health equity researchers about the intersection of health equity and the environment, climate change, future directions, and their personal journeys into this research. The event will feature three 10-15 minute talks, followed by a Q&A session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the interplay between health equity and the environment and how research can begin to address these inequities.
  • Increase awareness about research addressing health disparities and the environment and why some researchers have chosen to focus their careers in this space.
  • Highlight community engaged research addressing health disparities and the environment.


Marshall Burke, Associate Professor, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

Andres Cardenas, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Population Health

Lisa Patel, Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Executive Director, Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health