Reconstructive Services

Mohs Defect & Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Our team utilizes a variety of methods to repair complex defects after skin cancer removal to help you minimize its lasting impact on the rest of your life.

Head & Neck Cancer Reconstruction

Our team is highly trained in advanced techniques including free tissue transfer to restore both form and function of the head and neck after major cancer surgery.

Gender Affirming Facial Surgery

Our team has expertise in full facial feminizing and masculinizing procedures that aim to help you more comfortably express your gender identity. 

Facial Paralysis

Our team has expertise in the full spectrum of both surgical and non-surgical approaches to improve facial function and symmetry in the setting of facial paralysis.

Nasal Airway Obstruction

Our team is highly trained in surgical techniques to alleviate multifactorial nasal airway obstruction unique to your own anatomy.

Nasal Reconstruction

Our team is uniquely experienced in recreating the complex three dimensional structure of the nose to restore harmony among the central focal points of the face.

Scar Revision

Our team is equipped with the latest techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, to minimize the impact and appearance of undesirable scars along the face.

Maxillofacial Trauma

Our team is experienced in the most advanced methods to restore both form and function of the face after injury due to trauma.

About Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis is a highly trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His unique areas of surgical expertise include:

  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Facial reconstructive surgery
  • Gender affirming surgery
  • Facial reanimation surgery

Dr. Davis’ specialization in plastic surgery of the head and neck allows him to focus on delivering the most up-to-date and personalized techniques to his patients in all areas of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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