Meet Dr. Most

Philosophy of Care

"I get no greater satisfaction than in a job well done. For my patients and me, this means a restoration of harmonious facial form and function, a rejuvenation that does not have the "operated on" look. My patients often tell me that they returned to work or family and were told how well-rested or simply how good they looked. Many are asked how they keep in such great shape. The decision to tell or not to tell is always their decision and their decision only.

The well-being of my patients comes first. I believe patients should be given every opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their care. My patients take confidence in their choice to have surgery at a nationally recognized Medical Center rather than a small office. Providing personalized care in this setting is something I take pride in.

I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to be a facial plastic surgeon. I am an advocate of the specialty locally and nationally. I am also honored to have been elected to the Board of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as a Fellowship Director. I believe that modern facial plastic surgery, as in other modern medical specialities, is best practiced by those who specialize exclusively in this field."

— Dr. Most

Sam Most, MD, FACS