Lab Members

Roopa Dalal, Research Team Member

Joel Alan Imventarza, MD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ajay Kumar, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Lauryn Lowe, BA Candidate, Research Assistant

Akila Nallappan, MPH, Research Assistant

Saman Nassiri, MD, Basic Life Research Scientist (Optic Nerve Imaging)

Sangeetha Pugazhendhi, MD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Barbara Rangel da Silva, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ali Shariati, Research Team Member

Miaomiao Yu, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Ping Zhu, MD, Clinical Research Coordinator


Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD, Blumenkranz Smead Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology

Shannon Beres, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Diana Do, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology

Alfredo Dubra, PhD, Professor of Ophthalmology

Justin Gardner, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology

Aaron Gitler, PhD, Basic Science Professor of Genetics

Yang Hu, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Andrew Huberman, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurobiology and of Ophthalmology

Michael S. Kapiloff, MD, PhD, Professor (Research) of Ophthalmology and, by courtesy, of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Vinit Mahajan, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Heather Moss, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and of Neurology

David Myung, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc, Professor of Ophthalmology

Anthony Norcia, PhD, Professor of Psychology

Tawna Roberts, OD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Yasir Sepah, MBBS, Senior Research Scientist

Yang Sun, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Kailas Vodrahalli, PhD Candidate

Brian Wandell, PhD, Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor, and Professor by Courtesy of Electrical Engineering, of Ophthalmology, and at the Graduate School of Education

Albert Y. Wu, MD, PhD, FACS, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

James Zou, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science

Previous Lab Members

Gaurab Banerjee, MS Candidate, Research Assistant

Alexandra Camargo, Student

Matthew Dardet, Student

Maciej Jan Filipkowski, MSc Candidate, Visiting Student Researcher

Naz Jehangir, MD, Research Team Member

Varun Kumar, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Techawit (Shue) Likitgorn, MD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Louise Mesentier Louro, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Maryam Navi, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar (Optic Disc Drusen)

Angela Oh, Medical Student

Yan Yan, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow