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Community Resources - Peninsula and South Bay

             Assessment, consultation and referrals.   (800) 686-0101  TTY for hearing impaired: dial             711    

            Assessment, consultation, and referrals.

  • Senior Mental Health Services
    Mental health services for clients, 60+ in order to prevent hospitalization.
  • Momentum for Mental Health-  
    Provides residential and outpatient care to individuals with a mental illness.
    San Jose: 408-261-7777
    Palo Alto: 650-617-8340
  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
    Peer to Peer Education Program for people with a mental illness.  Support groups offered.
    San Mateo: 650-638-0800
    Campbell: 408-583-0001
  • DBSA - Depression and Bipolar Support Allianc

            Peer support group for those who suffer from depression or bipolar disorder.                     

            SF: 415-995-  4792     Palo Alto: 650-326-6313      San Mateo: 650-299-8880

  • Gateway Psychiatric Services
    Offers Mood Disorders Clinic and Psychiatric Consultations

Resources for Veterans

             3801 Miranda Avenue    Palo Alto, CA 94304-1207  Main phone: 650-493-5000

  • Peninsula Vet Center
  • 650-299-0672
  • San Jose Vet Center
  • VA Menlo Park
  • PTSD Rehabilitation Program
    650-493-5000 x23237 or 650-493-5000 x27166
  • VA San Bruno Outpatient Clinic
  • Community Transitions Center
    650-493-5000 x22823
  • Women’s Mental Health Center
    Outpatient Mental Health Treatment: 650-617-2772
    Women’s Mental Health Center: 650-493-5000 x22479
    Women’s Trauma Recovery Program: 650-493-5000 x27373