Our Vision
To explore the potential of psychedelic compounds and other rapidly-acting therapies to minimize human suffering and enhance lives.

Our Mission

Rapidly-acting therapeutics, especially psychedelic compounds, are yielding insights about the human brain that may profoundly impact our understanding of the mind and change how we treat and think of mental illness. Psychedelic-assisted therapy may be a path to alleviating suffering in psychiatric illnesses that have been refractory to, or inadequately treated by, existing therapeutic approaches. We are working to understand how we can use these approaches safety and effectively, and through rigorous study we will define whether these treatments will be effective for relieving the suffering of people with mental disorders.

Psychedelic compounds are a unique tool for neuroscientific study of mind and brain, with the potential to enhance creativity and human potential. Through collaboration with our basic and translational neuroscience colleagues, we can pair our clinical focus with a deep exploration of the brain though parallel human and animal studies, leading to expanded and more widely available treatments and opportunities for the enhancement of the human experience.

We will support future researchers, students and providers in this research and in the application of our findings to the field of psychedelic sciences and rapid-acting therapies. We believe the training of the next generation to continue the work of assessing rapid-acting therapies is vital.