Conferences and Presentations

SGIM 2019 Annual Meeting


ESU team members Cati Brown-Johnson, Nadia Safaeinili, and Dani Zionts presented three posters at this year's Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Annual Meeting, which took place in Washington, DC on May 8th-11th. They had the opportunity to present several posters regarding their work on SHC Primary Care 2.0, SHC Precision Health, and the Stanford Presence 5 project.

This year's conference theme was Courage to Lead: Equity, Engagement, and Advocacy in Turbulent Times, which focused on the increasing importance of health equity, patient engagement, and advocacy for general medicine in the current healthcare and political landscape. The work ESU team members presented on highlighted these themes -- drawing attention to the breadth of societal factors that impact the patient-provider relationship and the overall daily experience interacting with the health care system. 


Academy Health 2019 D&I Conference


Last month on December 3rd to the 5th, Academy Health hosted the 11th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in  Health. The conference gathered 1,200 health researchers to present and discuss the conference's theme -- Scaling up Effective Health and Healthcare: Advancing the Research Agenda and Necessary Infrastructure.

Team members from Evaluation Sciences Unit made a strong showing this year, presenting on three posters and two separate panels about some of our current ESU projects.