Remove or Reset Evaluations to "partially completed"

1. Select the Clerkship Site from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the "Evaluations" tab

3. To view Completed Evaluations, select View Completed Evaluations.

4. Simple search:

a. To display a list of evaluations over a period, select the Delivery Period (Past 1 Month to Past 24 Months) and Evaluations of (evaluated group).

5. Detailed search:

a. To narrow the list of evaluations further, this search has more filter options.
        i. Delivered: date period
        ii. Submitted: date period
        iii. Type: Direction of evaluation, e.g., Student evaluation of faculty
        iv. Forms(s): list of forms associated with clerkship site
        v. Evaluator(s): students, faculty
        vi. Evaluations of: students, faculty
        vii. Service(s):
        viii. Rotation(s):
        ix. Alert Status

6. Before submitting, select whether to view Complete, Incomplete and/or Expired evaluations.

a. You can also filter to only view Final Evaluations.

7. The next screen displays evaluations that fit the criteria selected.

a. Select any header to sort evaluations by that category or by date.
        i. The default is ordered by issue date.
b. The Alert column indicates if at least one answer on the evaluation form triggered an alert.

8. Select an evaluation to review, reset to "partially completed," or remove.

a. If you need to update an answer or fix a mistake, select Reset Evaluation to “Partially Completed”. This will return the evaluation to the evaluator’s queue to update.

b. If you need to remove the evaluation completely, select "Permanently remove this evaluation."