Viewing Incomplete Evaluations

1. To view Incomplete Evaluations, select the Evaluations tab and View Incomplete Evaluations.

2. This screen displays all incomplete evaluations in the Clerkship Site.

a. To narrow the view, select a specific Evaluator, Evaluatee, Service/Clinic or Status.
        i. Filtering by Status can display Incomplete Only, Expired, Incomplete AND Expired, or Late Evaluations.
            1. This is helpful when identifying recipients for reminder messages.

3. Select the box next to the relevant incomplete evaluations to take an action.

a. Remove the selected evaluation from the evaluator’s queue.
b. Resend the link to complete the evaluation.
        i. This is ONLY an option for Outside Evaluators [LINK TO OUTSIDE EVALUATORS].
c. Modify the Expiration Date.
        i. Once selected, you will have the option to select a new expiration date [LINK TO EXPIRATION DATE].
            1. Once expired, dates cannot be modified.