Students - Case Logs

2. Select "New Procedure/Case Log"

3. Enter the information on the encounter.

a.    ALWAYS enter case logs under the Core Clerkship.

b.    NEVER enter the actual date of the encounter or any identifiable details. MedHub is NOT HIPAA compliant.

      i.     Instead, enter either the first or last date of the clerkship period. 

c.     If the clerkship requires, enter the location and supervisor.

4. Scroll to the Diagnosis section.

a.    Cases are entered as Diagnosis, NOT Procedures.

5. Select the + next to the Diagnosis to add.

a.    Each Clerkship has its own defined list.

6. Once selected, update your Role in this encounter.

a.    Assisted, Observed, Read & Interpreted, or Simulated

7. If the clerkship requires, enter notes.

a.    Do NOT enter any identifying patient information. MedHub is NOT HIPAA compliant.

8. Select "Log Procedure."

9. To review or modify a case log, from the Procedures tab, select View Recorded Procedures/Case Logs.

10. Select the View Log to review or Modify Log to update.