Pulling Reports for Elective Clerkships

Elective Clerkships are set up differently in MedHub than Core Clerkships. Elective Clerkships do not have access to the "Reports" tab.

1. To access reports for elective courses, select the elective from the drop-down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the "Evaluations" tab.

3. On the right side column:

a. Select "View Completed Evaluations" to review individual evaluations that have been submitted.

b. Select "Export Evaluation Data" to export individual line-by-line data in Excel. 

c. Select any report under the Evaluations Reports heading. 

   i. Aggregate Comments Report: aggregates comments across an evaluation form for a given period of time. 

  ii. Aggregate Evaluation Report: aggregates responses across an evaluation form for a given period.