Reports – Patient Log Raw Export

These report exports line-by-line patient logs for students enrolled for a given time period.

1. Select the Core Clerkship from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the Procedures tab.

3. Under the Procedure Reports in the right column, select Export Procedures/Cases

4. Select a date period from which to export data.

5. Update Group Type to Diagnosis.

a. MedHub defaults to Procedure Type, but students log diagnosis.

6. Select Export Procedure Data

7. The export contains the following column headers:

a. ID, Student, Procedure (will be blank, since students log Diagnosis), Procedure Date, Date Logged, Course, Location, Supervisor, Visit Type, Encounter ID, Patient Gender, Patient Age, Diagnosis, Role, Complications, and Notes
        i. Many columns will be empty since students are instructed to NOT enter patient identifiable data (Gender, Age, Procedure Date).