Manual Evaluation Delivery

1. Select the Clerkship site from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the "Evaluations" tab

3. Select "Deliver Evaluations"

4. For Evaluation Type, select your required order of evaluation e.g., "Student evaluation of other student (Peer)"

5. Selection Method should remain "Individuals"

6. Select "Continue"

7. Select the Evaluation form

a.    MedHub displays all active forms under the Evaluation Type selected on the previous screen.

8. Select:

a. Recipients: those will receive the evaluation to complete
b. To Evaluate: those who will be evaluated

9. This section contains several optional settings:

a. Notes (optional): Enter additional information to display in the evaluation header. *Do not enter private information that should not be viewed by the evaluator.

b. Rotation Period (optional): Display which period the form applies to, but delivery is not tied to the rotation.

c. Service/Clinic (optional): Like the Rotation Period, display which service/clinic the form applies to, but delivery is not tied to the service/clinic.

d. Special Options: Keep set to “none” unless department wants to require signature. *Never assign evaluations as Anonymous. This option permanently strips the evaluator name from the submitted form at all levels.

e. Disable Insufficient Contact Links: If the setting is turned on, checking this box will remove the option for the recipient to report they had insufficient contact to evaluate and remove the evaluation from their queue. *This setting can be turned on or off in the Course Settings.

f. Reciprocal Evaluation (optional): This setting will allow user to deliver a reciprocal evaluation (e.g., deliver Patient Care Professionalism form to the faculty and deliver a Clinical Educator form to the student) *Please see below for instructions.

g. Delivery:
  - Immediate: This will deliver evaluations upon submitting.
  - On Date (Queue): Specify a future date for release. * Best practice is to set the release date one day AFTER you want the evaluation released. This will release the evaluation on the evening of your preferred delivery date.
 - Multiple Dates (Queue): If you want to deliver the same evaluation(s) multiple times, enter the dates separated with a comma.

h. Expiration Date: Set a date for incomplete evaluations to be removed. *Once set, this date can be modified (but not removed) from queued or released evaluations. Once the expiration date has passed, the date cannot be modified, and evaluations must be re-released.

10. Submit.

11. To release a reciprocal evaluation, select the drop down next to Reciprocal Evaluation. This will display the common evaluation form to the one selected at the top of the screen.

a. Clinical Educator (Student evaluation of faculty) – Patient Care Professionalism (Faculty evaluation of student)

12. After submitting, MedHub displays a confirmation for a final review.

13. To finalize release, select Deliver Selected Evaluations.

a. Check the box Deliver additional evaluations of the same type to return to the previous screen. This is helpful when releasing batches of similar evaluations.

14. Evaluations can be removed from queued delivery up until evaluations are released.