Automated Evaluation Delivery

1. Select the Clerkship site from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the "Evaluations" tab

3. Select "Automated Evaluations"

4. Select the delivery options:

a. Title: name of the rule
b. Delivery: by Service Dates or Course Periods
c. On date…: choose number of days prior, on date, or number of days after
d. Expiration: option to choose when evaluations will expire

5. Select Initiate Automated Evaluation Set

6. Review the selections.

7. Select + Add Delivery Rule.

8. Select delivery rules:

a. Rule Status: must be Active to release evaluations
b. Rule Name (optional): name of rule
c. Evaluation form: select the form that the rule will apply to
d. Select:
        i. Services: Service the rule will apply to
        ii. Recipient Years: can update if you only want to deliver to specific years
e. Notes: include a note to add to the header of the evaluation
f. Special Options: keep as (none) unless requiring a signature
        i. Never update to Anonymous Evaluation.

9. Select Add Delivery Rule

10. Automated Evaluations can be viewed and reviewed in the Evaluations tab.

a. Once forms have been delivered under an Automated Rule, the rule cannot be removed. It can only be made “inactive”.