Aggregate Evaluation Report

This summary report aggregates responses across an evaluation form for a given time period.

1. Select the Clerkship from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the Reports tab.

3. Select Aggregate Evaluation Report under the Evaluation Reports heading.

4. Select the type of evaluation.

a. E.g., Patient Care Professionalism = Faculty Evaluation of Student

5. Report selections:

a. Form: Select form(s)
  - You can select multiple forms, but the report will not aggregate across forms. The report will include aggregate data for both forms separately.

b. Target: Select who you want included in the aggregate report
  - You can select one, several or all.

c. Report Type:
  - The Individual report for each target aggregates data across all who evaluated individual student.
  - The Combine targets in a single report aggregates data across all who evaluated all students selected.

d. Date Range Options: You have the option for the report to include evaluation data issued between dates selected or completed between dates selected.

6. Select the Clerkship Site(s).

a. You can select multiple sites.

7. Select Display Options.

a. The recommended boxes are checked, but update given preferences/need. Of note:
  - You can mask any comment or text responses if you are only interested in ratings.
  - If items are marked confidential in the form, you can mask these in the aggregate report.
  - The Display total average is typically NOT checked since scales are not uniform.

8. If you only want aggregate data for specific questions, select "Choose individual questions".

a. Select the question(s) for the report.
b. You cannot select any comment items.

9. Select "Go to Step 3"

10. Select the Output Format.

11. Select "Generate Report"

12. Print/save the report or export to Excel.