Adding Outside Evaluators

Non-Stanford Faculty or residents can be added as Outside Evaluators. This is an option for users that need to complete student evaluations but do not need a portfolio of evaluations. The system will email them a direct link to the survey that they can complete without having to log into a MedHub.

1. Select the appropriate clerkship site from the drop-down.

2. Select the Evaluations tab.

3. Select "Outside Evaluators" in the right side column.

4. At the bottom of the page, select "+ Add Outside Evaluator" OR Search for an outside evaluator to see if they have already been added.

5. Enter First Name, Last Name, User Type, Email, and Services (if any).

6. Submit to finish adding them as an Outside Evaluator.

a.     Select the edit icon to modify an Outside Evaluator’s information and the box icon to archive a user.

7. When delivering evaluations, Outside Evaluators are grouped under the Stanford evaluators. Scroll to the bottom to select an Outside Evaluator when assigning evaluations.

8. To send reminders to Outside Evaluators, from the list of Incomplete Evaluations, select “resend link” to resend the form to their email or “send email” to write an email reminder.