Integrating Technology and Multimedia

This section offers tips for integrating images and video into your lectures and online materials.  We have also listed numerous media libraries from which you can gather media content.  Please adhere to the policies of the individual libraries.

Please Note: If you are looking for remote teaching resources and support during the Covid-19 crisis, please view the Academic and Course Continuity page from EdTech.

Using Images and Multimedia

12 Principles of Multimedia Learning

AAMC Group on Information Resources

Clinical Teaching Resources for Online Remote Settings

Stanford SoM Online and Virtual Learning Interactive Database

Curated collection of tools and techniques for remote clinical experiences.  Requires login. 

AAMC Clinical Teaching and Learning Experiences without Physical Patient Contact

Collection of links to tools and techniques for online clinical experiences from AAMC.

MedEd Portal Self Directed Remote Learning Modules

Collection of modules designed for online modalities

Educational Technology at Stanford SoM

Educause Learning Initiative

Medicine X | ED 2018

Online Standards Organizations

Both organizations below offer research-based rubrics and support resources for online learning course design.  Note the rubrics from OLC are free of charge.

Online Learning Consortium

Quality Matters



VPTL Leveraging Educational Technology

What is Bloom's Digital Taxonomy?

Health Professions Image and Media Libraries


Selected Research

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