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Welcome to the Faculty Teaching and Learning Portal at Stanford School of Medicine.  This collection of resources is designed to serve as a curated knowledge base for topics related to pedagogy.  Browse the topics below for collections of practical guides and formal research.  If you have a specific problem to address contact us for a further curated list geared to your specific pedagogical challenge.  

Check back often as the collection grows!  Should you have a resource you think we should feature, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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We've organized the Portal by topics, which are listed below.  

Please Note: If you are looking for remote teaching resources and support during the Covid-19 crisis, please view the Academic and Course Continuity page from EdTech.

Create an Individualized Plan

The wealth of information available on a topic can be overwhelming, even for those immersed in it.  We realize that time is precious and are available to curate a set of resources customized to your pedagogical challenges and time.  Book a one-on-one session so we can better understand which resources might best address your specific course.  To get started email adamhain@stanford.edu.

Explore a Topic

We've organized the Teaching and Learning Portal by topics, which are listed below.  Topics are further organized into:

Resources: Varied materials from around the web

Research: Formal evidence-based research around the topic