Parent Education

Parent Educator
Gina Baldi

Lengthy waitlists can be an especially frustrating part of the weeks after diagnosis. Our program provides a brief parent education program to help families get started with basic strategies to more effectively play with their children and elicit interaction. Not a replacement for treatment or parent training, this program aims to bridge part of the gap between diagnosis and treatment. Each of the four sessions is conducted in an individual format (one educator with one or both parents):

Session 1 - Overview

  • During this session parents receive general information about autism, as well as an introduction and outline for the parent education program.

Session 2 - Attention and Motivation

  • How to connect with a child and teach skills within that connection
  • How to utilize a child's interests and current skill level to maximize learning

Session 3 - Sensory Regulation and Sensory-Social Routines

  • Helping parents understand the sensory system and how this impacts behavior
  • Sharing ideas about activities to support regulation and foster learning

Session 4 - Language Development

  • How to elicit nonverbal communication, functional language, and turn taking


* Please note, the program does not provide direct treatment or diagnostic services for the child.



If you recently completed the 4-session parent education program, please give us your feedback.

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