Early Support Program for Autism

A joint program between Stanford Children’s Health and Children’s Health Council to provide supportive services at no cost to families of individuals with suspected or diagnosed autism.

Services Available in English & Spanish

Clinical Care Coordinator

Sharing resources and information about providers

Helping families navigate the educational and healthcare systems

           Parent Education

              Individualized education

              Help families get started with strategies to interact & play with their child

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Empowering Families: ESPA - A Lifeline for Autism Support

Discover the life-changing initiative that bridges the gap between compassionate care and families impacted by autism. Introducing ESPA, an extraordinary collaboration between Stanford Children’s Health and Children’s Health Council. Delve into this compelling video to unlock the empowering services ESPA offers, all completely free of charge. If you have a loved one with suspected or diagnosed autism, this is a must-watch to explore how ESPA can transform your family's journey. Join us today and embrace the hope, guidance, and support ESPA provides.

Parent Feedback:

"It was such a relief to have support, and  someone to talk to in my search for information. I didn't feel helpless".

"I really appreciated all my meetings with Gina. I was comforted a great deal having Gina to talk to. ESPA is a gift to parents in need of support".

"Christina has been a great resource for us. She welcomes all questions and it's a refreshing to have a resource/person respond to you right away. As we all know, hearing back or getting services in general takes so much time. Without her support an education, we would have been lost. I will continue to use Christina as a resource."

"This training is invaluable! Every issue I mentioned to Gina, she gave me practical solutions that work. We got so much out of every session. It is amazing how well these techniques work. Gina has great ideas for every situation!! "

"Christina Ardel was extremely knowledgable about the landscape of resources and their nature.  This was very useful for me, particularly as I try to find evidence-based services.  She was a blessing and an angel.  Thank you!"

"Gina is so good at hearing my concerns and guiding me in a way that is grounding. I am grateful to have her to discuss my child and our issues. She is professional and practical. She is easy to connect with and to learn from".

"I learned a lot from the training sessions, which I hope to implement with my son. Ms. Baldi was very knowledgeable, understanding and supportive. I am so thankful for these sessions and for ESPA."

Clinical Care Coordinator and Parent Education services are offered in both English and Spanish.