Epidemiology Research Seminar (HRP 236)- Archive

Winter Quarter 2016
Course Director: Victor Henderson
January 5 - March 15, 2016
(Tuesdays 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.)
CCSR, Room 4205

Date Speaker Topic
Victor Henderson, MD, MS
Professor of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology) and of Neurology & Neurological Sciences
Estrogen effects on memory and executive functions
1/12 James M Ford, MD
Director, Clinical Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program
Associate Professor of Medicine and Genetics, Division of Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer Risk: Next Generation Approaches and Challenges
(Suggested readings: JCO; JAMA Oncology)
1/19 Michelle Mello, PhD
Professor of Law and of Health Research and Policy
Disclosure of Medical Errors: Is It Safe to Be Honest?
(Suggested reading)
1/26 Clete A. Kushida, MD, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University Medical Center
Jim K. Wong, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation
(Suggested reading)
2/2 Patrick Sullivan, MD/MS candidate
Department of Health Research and Policy & Meta-Research Innovation Center, Stanford University School of Medicine
Comparisons of risk models used in cardiac surgery

No seminar today

moved to February 11 at 4 pm in LKS 320
2/11 (Thursday)*
Special seminar

Joanne Katz, ScD
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Location: LKS 320 at 4 pm

Maternal and child health challenges in Nepal: how research can inform policy and programs
2/16 Marcia Stefanick, PhD
Professor (Research) of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research Center) and of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Physical Activity to prevent Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Observations leading to the WHI Strong & Healthy (WHISH) Trial
2/23 Eric Jorgenson, PhD
Research Scientist, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente of Northern California
A view to precision medicine: findings from the research program on genes, environment, and health
(Suggested reading: Nature Communications & Supplementary)
3/1 Feihong Ding, MS candidate
Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine
Michael S Binkley, BS
Stanford University School of Medicine
The The effect of in-hospital PAP use on risk of post-operative atrial fibrillation among patients undergoing cardiac surgery Lung volume reduction and pulmonary function following stereotactic ablative radiotherapy of lung tumors
Michelle A Berny-Lang, PhD
Program Manager
Office of the Director
Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI)
The Importance of the Interface: Physical and Biomedical Science, Cancer and Thrombosis, and More
No seminar
Final exams week

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