Epidemiology Research Seminar
(HRP 236)

Spring Quarter 2018

Course Director: Lorene Nelson, PhD, MS
April 3 - June 5, 2018
(Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.)

Li Ka Shing Center for Learning, Room LK130


View the reading material for spring quarter below.

Date Speaker Topic


Lillian Liao
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Fiona Baumer, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences

David Vu, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Pediatrics

The Impact of Asian Patient R/E on Satisfaction Scores


Cortical Excitability and Learning in Benign Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes


Dengue and malaria coinfection in Kenyan children

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Steve Luby, MD
Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and, by courtesy, of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology)

Strategies for near real-time surveillance of infectious diseases (Article)

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Merete Lutz
BS candidate | Human Biology
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Jennifer Newberry, MD, JD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Emergency Medicine

Athletic Performance and Bone Stress Injuries in Collegiate Athletes


Patterns in Prehospital Emergency Medical Services for Pediatric Patients in India (2012-2015)


Miguel Hernan, MD, MPH, DrPH
Kolokotrones Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

How do we learn what works? A two-step algorithm for causal inference from real world data (Article) (Article)

*Room change LK101/102*


David Gonzalez, MESc
PhD Student | Emmett Interdisc. Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER)
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Andrew Chang, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)

Nathan Kim
MD/MS candidate | Epidemiology

Oil and Gas Development and Adverse Birth Outcomes: Evidence from San Joaquin Valley, California


Characterizing the Epidemiologic Profile of Women of Reproductive Age Living with Rheumatic Heart Disease in Uganda


Predicting survival for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma using a multicenter consortium 


Julie Parsonnet, MD
Professor of Medicine (Infectious Disease) and Health Research and Ppolicy (Epidemiology)

Body temperature and human physiologic evolution (Article)

Katie Stone, PhD
Basic Science Researcher
California Pacific Medical Center Research

Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Health in Older Adults

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Victor Cueto, MD, MS
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Pediatrics

Sheldon Leong, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Medicine (Nephrology)

Monica Vergara
MS candidate | Epidemiology

A Retrospective Analysis of a Mobile Application-Based Health Coaching Program


Uremic Solute Levels in Twice Weekly Hemodialysis


Cholesterol and LDL: secondary analysis of the DIETFITS study


Nada Rizk
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Monica Velasquez, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Urology

Sarah Madison, MD
MS candidate | Epidemiology
Department of Anesthesiology (Perioperative and Pain Medicine)

Hydroxychloroquine use and adverse events in Lupus pregnancy: A Stanford Experience


Follow The Bouncing Ball! The Early and Late Undescended Testicle


Ketogenic diets as a treatment for pain


Raga Ayyagari
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Carolyn Oliver
MS candidate | Epidemiology
BA candidate | Human Biology

Monique Foung
MS candidate | Epidemiology

Predicting and preventing diabetes in adolescents and young adults in the US


The effects of State Earned Income Tax Credits on birth weight:  main effects and heterogeneity


Recall accuracy and validity of interactive voice response (IVR) surveys

6/12 ~**No Class**~ Finals Week

For further information about HRP 236 Epidemiology Research Seminars, please contact Educational Program Manager Misty Mazzara (mmazzara@stanford.edu).