Epidemiology Research Seminar
(HRP 236)

Spring Quarter 2017

Course Director:  Alice Whittemore, PhD
April 3-June 7, 2017
(Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.)
CCSR, Room 4205


View the reading material for spring quarter here.

Date Speaker Topic



Alison Fohner, PhD
Staff Scientist, Department of Genetics
Stanford Medicine

Disappearing vitamin D:  how lifestyle changes are affecting health in Alaska Native communities
4/11 Matthew Sigurdson
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
Redundancy in meta-analyses of genetic epidemiology
4/18 Gillian Schivone, MD, MS(c)
Family Planning Fellow, OB/GYN
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
Self-administered lidocaine gel for pain control during cervical preparation for second trimester abortion
4/25 Themistocles Assimes, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Stanford Medicine
Moderate alcohol use and cardiovascular health...or detriment?
5/2 Collin M. Leibold
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Pete C. Schmidt, MD Clinical Instructor, Division of Pain Medicine MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
"You can do it and we can help":  utilization of wellness coaching in a telehealth primary care clinic

Comparative effects on driving performance of 3 postherpetic neuralgia medications
Scarlett Gomez, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Cancer Preventive Institute of California
Social determinants of health and cancer survival?
5/16 Cindy Shih
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Camille Ezran
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
Effects on Blood Lipid Concentrations of Differential Changes in Saturated Fat Intake in the Context of a Low Carb Diet

Measuring the impact of improved health care delivery in a district of Madagascar

Dana Clutter, MD
Fellow, Infectious Diseases & Geographic Medicine
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Michael Le
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Catherine Dawson

MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Transmitted HIV-1 Drug Resistance: Clinical Outcomes and Prevalence of Drug-Resistant Minority Variants"

Trends in prevalence and predictors of Hepatitis B immunization in the general United States population from 1999-2014

Diagnostic Characteristics of Kaposi Sarcoma in HIV-infected children in Botswana, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania

5/30 Melissa Oliver, MD
Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow, Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology
Stanford Medicine
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Peter Chiu, MD
Resident, Cardiothoracic Surgery
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
Determinants of anti-tumor necrosis factor drug use in juvenile spondyloarthropathy and their impact on clinical disease outcomes

Open vs. endovascular repair of intact descending thoracic aortic aneurysms:  an instrumental variable analysis of the Medicare database
6/6 Hannah  Karpel
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)

Maya Krasnow
MS Candidate (Epidemiology)
Climate shocks and stunting

The Incidence of Microcephaly in California

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