Congratulations to the 2011 Inspiring Change Leadership Award Recipients

Felicia Gentile

Project Manager

Department of Comparative Medicine-Veterinary Service Center

Felicia was appointed as the Project Manager for a ground-breaking new program to electronically manage census and billing in Stanford's Veterinary Service Center. This program, aptly names AnimalTrax, is the first to be implemented on such a large cale at any institution and involves the newest technology and software design. The program, launched this summer, has revolutionized the way business is conducted in this large service center, eliminating most paper recording and providing Stanford faculty, researchers and administrators across the School of Medicine, Engineering and Biology the ability to manage directly their research accounts with greater accuracy.

This system has tremendous compliance implications, and thanks to Felicia's leadership and fundamental understanding of the regulatory and research management processes, AnimalTrax has helped automate what was previously a primarily manual process that was subject to human error.

Taking on a project this big, and with so many different players and spanning so many different departments was no easy task. Felicia involved all the stakeholders from start to finish, making sure that their needs and concerns were addressed.

Felicia supervises a team of eight people and has organized numerous Town Hall meetings during the roll-out process and regularly meets with administrators, departmental financial assistants, grants managers and research lab personnel to oversee the training of all who use AnimalTrax. This past fall, she was invited to present a poster presentation on this project at a national industry meeting in San Diego.

Sherril Green, Chair of Comparative Medicine-Veterinary Service Center is quoted as saying, "Felicia is an extraordinary leader and is truly the right and perhaps the only one who could make this campus-wide upgrade happen... after nearly 36 months of hard work on this roject, Felicia has ushered in a new era for the VSC and for Stanford researcher and there is no one more deserving of the "Inspiring Change Leadership Award"."